Train breakdown along the EWL on Tuesday evening, purportedly due to power fault

Train breakdown along the EWL on Tuesday evening, purportedly due to power fault

The train service was disrupted along the East West Line (EWL) for more than an hour on Tuesday evening. Commuters were confused due to different causes mentioned in different announcements by SMRT; some said the delay was due to power failure but others said it was caused by door fault. This is coupled with the lack of official information from SMRT at the beginning of the service disruption.

Passengers’ post on Twitter started around 6:30pm, informing the train delay and raising complaints:

Some commuters complained because they wanted to hurry home:

Other commuters were frustrated because their trains stopped on the railway and lack of notice:

On TATA SMRT Facebook platform passengers also posted information on the delay at Boon Lay, Tanjong Pagar, Chinese Garden and Lakeside; Eugene Teo informed escalator breakdown at Lakeside :

Nur Azlinawaty Abdul Rahman wrote: “Alarm triggered at Boon Lay MRT. Escalators and lift are not working. Train delay from Tuas to the East for more than 5 mins. Platform is overcrowded. Anticipate more than 15 mins added to waiting and travelling times.”

Jessica Clarita Ho wrote: “Due to platform doors’ fault, west bound train stopped at Tanjong Pagar station for quite awhile. Announcement said to expect 10 mins delay.”

Lim Kian Koon wrote: “My friend said the train driver asked all passengers to alight lakeside at 6.30pm. 3 trains passed and still cannot board successfully on train. Friend still trapped at lakeside as of now.”

Eugene Teo wrote: “Was front JE to Lakeside a while ago. First at JE, someone press the Emergency button. Then at Chinese garden, platform train door fault. When reach Lakeside, inform the train not for passenger service. Worst still, the escalator at Lakeside breakdown.”

Other post on TATA SMRT said they could not depend on SMRT announcement:

Lim Kian Koon wrote: “Do not depend on the SMRT announcement. I got trapped in train for 15 mins last month and they announced nothing. The announcement only comes after the train start moving again….”

Which was supported by Lauz tweet:

Finally at 7:08pm SMRT tweeted an official announcement, stating power fault as the cause for the delay:

Meanwhile, at 7:11pm MRT Singapore Service Information posted a couple of photos on‏ Twitter, informing that there was an SCDF activation at Boon Lay, possibly because there was a fire incident. Train delay to be expected on the EWL:

At 7:19pm SMRT announced that the power fault was cleared:

Commuters answered negatively on Twitter to SMRT:

At 7:40pm SMRT announced again that the fault along EWL was cleared, train services between Queens Town and Tuas link has resumed:

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