Source: YouTube screengrab.

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Munkysuperstar Pictures, which owns popular YouTube channel Clicknetwork, have established a partnership to launch three new web series.

In a press release on Monday (13 August), IMDA stated that this is part of IMDA’s initiative to bring public service content to more Singapore viewers anytime, anywhere.

Clicknetwork was the first channel in Singapore to reach 1 million subscribers last year, it noted.

According to the authority, the first title which will make its debut on Clicknetwork today, No Sweat”, is a health and wellness infotainment series that aims to inspire the public to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The series will be hosted by Miss Universe Singapore 2018 Finalist, Tyen Rasif, and will explore accessible health tips and tricks that are relevant to Singaporeans’ daily lives, such as how to eat healthier at fast food restaurants, how to incorporate workouts into daily household chores and more. The 10-episode series will also explore popular fitness and wellness trends.

Meanwhile, it stated that the other two titles to be launched on 24 August 2018 and 8 April 2019 respectively are “Daddy Diaries”, an infotainment series on parenting hosted by Kiss 92FM DJ Shan Wee, and “Girl Band Called Girl Band”, a comedy series exploring the themes of friendship, family and acceptance.

IMDA stressed that it supports the production of Public Service Broadcast (PSB) programmes, to promote social values important to Singaporeans, and encourage knowledge and learning.

Dorothy Lai, Director of Public Service Media & Assessment, IMDA, said, “The way that Singapore audiences consume content is evolving, and IMDA is constantly looking for new ways and platforms to bring engaging public service content closer to Singapore audiences. We are excited to embark on this new collaboration with Munkysuperstar Pictures, tapping Clicknetwork’s wide network of talents and expertise to create more local content that would appeal to audiences online.”

Gillian Tan, Founder of Munkysuperstar Pictures said, “We’re really excited and honoured to partner with IMDA on this initiative. With an increasing number of people consuming video content on digital platforms nowadays, it’s great to see more public service content created for these audiences. We aim to make our shows both entertaining and educational at the same time to resonate with a wide variety of our viewers.”

Below is the first episode of the series on Clicknetwork’s channel.

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