Anchorvale Street (Source: Google map screen capture).

The Housing & Development Board (HDB) has launched the Reserve List site at Anchorvale Crescent for sale by public tender on Friday (10 August).

Ina press release, HDB stated that this Land Parcel was made available for sale through the Reserve List on 28 June 2018.

HDB noted that it had announced on 25 July 2018 that it had received an application from a developer for the site to be put up for public tender.

The developer committed to a bid price of not less than S$255,000,000 in the tender for the site, the board added.

Details of Land Parcel (Source: HDB).
Location plan (Source: HDB).

HDB stressed that the tender for the land parcel will close at 12.00 on 14 September 2018, noting that any tender below the minimum price of S$255,000,000 will not be accepted.

More details on the land parcel are available on the HDB InfoWEB.


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