PUB Assistant Chief Harry Seah

In an interview with Channel NewsAsia which was published yesterday (‘Need more water? PUB aims to produce more with same amount of resources‘, 4 Jul), Public Utilities Board (PUB)’s assistant chief executive Harry Seah talked about investing in Research &Development (R&D) to double the amount of water by 2060 to meet demand.

PUB wants to double water production by then, with the “same energy and waste footprint”. To achieve this, investing in R&D is necessary.

For instance in desalination, PUB has invested in electro-deionisation (EDI) technology, which uses an electric field to extract dissolved salts from seawater. Beyond EDI, PUB is also pouring resources into other water technologies ranging from electrical fields to cell membranes.

“The price of energy is going to go up,” Seah said. “If you don’t do anything today, the cost of producing water is going to go up.”

When asked if the technological innovations would help keep water prices stable, Seah said “we do our part through efficiency to drag it (out) as long as possible, that’s the best I can do”.

But water prices have already gone up. Since 1 July, the price of water has gone up 30 per cent following a second water price hike this month. Last year, Finance Minister Heng Swee Kiat told Parliament that the government needs to increase water prices to “reflect the latest costs of water supply”.

Seah continued, “Whether the price will go up, I don’t know, but we can try our best to make our water affordable to the public.” He also highlighted that water prices would depend on other factors like manpower costs.

“Basically, we have to look at it from the point of view of sustainability, besides dollar and cents.”


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昨日(17日)晚间大士一间工厂发生火灾,火势熏天,民防部队立即赶往现场灭火。 根据民防部队声明表示,民防部队于昨晚9点45分接获通报,大士18道7号发生火患。 民防部队在抵达现场后,发现火势在屋内肆虐,并沿着水沟蔓延,而民防部队则使用三支水枪以及一台消防水泵(water monitor)开始进行灭火行动。 根据现场情况所拍摄的照片,火势相当大,而且是从屋内一直烧到外面,据民防部队的声明,该火势约一个半的足球场这么大,将一个约五层楼高的仓库烧毁,仓库当中也含有相当多的易燃物质如柴油和清洁剂。 由于火势的严峻,民防部队共派出了33辆消防车和100名消防队员前往现场支援,而消防队员也用了水龙(handheld jets)、消防炮、无人驾驶消防仪器(Unmanned Firefighting Machines)等灭火。 其中一人因烧伤而被送往新加坡综合医院。 民防部队表示,在火患附近的M1、星和、新电信以及SGSecure应用程序用户,已收到信息提醒他们远离火患发生的区域。 最新消息指出,民防部队已控制了火势,但受灾地区仍烟雾弥漫,因此建议市民先避开地区。