Gender equality upheld in Singapore’s workplace, new survey finds

70% of respondents said there is no discrimination against gender at their current company

SINGAPORE, 14 June 2018 – According to Gender Equality Survey, both male and female Singaporean employees enjoy almost equal treatment when it comes to performance evaluations, pay raises and training opportunities.

The survey involved 474 respondents, to gain insights towards fairness in the workplace.

More females hired in traditionally male-dominated industries

Engineering industries used to be male dominated, but increasingly more female employees are taking on roles in these fields. Based on the survey findings, 73 per cent of the respondents in the engineering service industries indicated that there is a fair mix of genders in their industry (mechanical, electrical and others). This revelation is aligned with a 2016 SingStat survey which found that there is a higher ratio of females who pursued first and higher degrees in engineering circa 2014, compared with a decade ago.

On the other hand, Education and Medical Healthcare still remained female-dominated industries.

Discrimination in the workplace

Singapore has strict laws and regulatory bodies to keep workplace discrimination in check, hence the country has a low rate of discrimination. That said, workplace discrimination is still common. Across respondents of both genders, 23 per cent said that they had experienced some form of discrimination at work. Forty-five per cent of those discriminated deemed the extent of their experiences severe.

Employees in the construction, building and engineering (41 per cent) as well as the hotel and hospitality industries (44 per cent) reported more occurrence of discrimination. HR personnel working in these industries should consider implementing initiatives that help promote happiness and fairness at work as well as helping affected employees find recourse. is one of Asia’s leading online employment marketplaces in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam.

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