Are the people themselves ready to vote in an Opposition?

by Willy Sum

I refer to Ms Jaffar's Facebook post reproduced on your site a couple days ago, "Is our opposition ready for 2020? I doubt so!". Before we criticise the various Opposition parties, my assertion to Ms Jaffar's observation is: "Are the people themselves ready to vote in an Opposition?" Elections after elections, screwing after screwing, the electorate here do not seem to fully cognize the value of their vote and the significance of having 1/3 Opposition in Parliament to deny passage of bills that are harmful to our Nation!

The government has time and again, pressed the Opposition with propositions like" "Can they form the next government?" The role of the Opposition is to SAFEGUARD our interest and not to govern (except in Constituencies where they have been returned). This is where the parties concerned have failed to educate the young and old alike, of the purpose for their candidacy. This is where Malaysians do better to comprehend a Legislative system despite having a 3rd class education.

Secondly, I do not know if Ms Jaffar fully understands the value of having a multi-party system where 2 dominant parties DO NOT exploit the electorate and hold them "hostage" like the political situation in Australia, UK, USA etc. where the dominant parties do not need to work hard as they know they will be returned anyway, sometime, somehow later when they lose this round.

That being said, it will be up to the parties that lost the other time around, to make a last ditch effort to convince voters from now until 2020, of the need to vote them in or else, how it will be disastrous for the People's Action Party (PAP) to win big again, a situation largely similar if Najib's government had been voted in on 9 May!

Nothing substitutes hardcore groundwork and the incumbent Workers' Party should venture beyond their current goals of securing Aljunied and trying to gun down East Coast. It renders the impression of complacency, where certain candidates are comfortable with their seats and do not want to "rock the boat" much. This is the reason why the PAP in Aljunied and Hougang are unlikely to win as voters there do not sense the sincerity of the government in wanting the ward by consistently fielding weak and relatively unknown candidates who will be transferred to a GRC after losing.

We the people, should also ourselves start reflecting if we are indeed living a "Swiss Standard" as promised by Goh Chok Tong when he handed over the reins to Lee Hsien Loong, who had in his term, been accused of abuse of power amongst other things which is just a step before corruption. We must be more magnanimous and stop dwelling on past events such as the "Hock Lee Bus Riots", "Maria Hertogh Riots" and Dr Chee Soon Juan's previous civil disobedience campaigns that led to his unjust convictions. We should look ahead of the scare and smear tactics and forge a common bond as fellow Singaporeans for the survival of our next generation! Majulah Singapura!