"Peace gathering" at Hong Lim Park where a few individuals gathered for the past two days. Tuesday will be the last day for the event.

Peace gathering at Hong Lim Park amidst high-profile Trump-Kim summit

by Teo Soh Lung

After their lunch on Sentosa Island today, 12 June 2018, it is believed that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will quietly leave the island while the American President Donald Trump will trumpet to the world what he got or did not get out of the illusive NK leader.

On another spot on mainland Singapore in the so called Speakers Corner – a lone ranger, Mr Patrick Low will sit with his neck brace. (Mr Low suffers from a slip disk a few weeks ago. Besides this injury, he had multiple falls, caused by his trying to be a goat walking down a slope as well as being a Marathon cyclist on busy Singapore roads and tracks).

Mr Low is available for people and journalists to interview him on his views about the presidential summit. Mr Low speaks excellent Cantonese and English and is able to belt out funny songs in Cantonese and Singlish.

I was at Speakers Corner yesterday. A number of journalists popped by – from Hong Kong, Japan and even Singapore’s New Paper (who disappeared quite promptly when she could not see Mr Low). Mr Low said that he does not respect the local press for they took up much of his time in the past few days but did not give him the publicity he requested.

On the mount, placards are placed. So were the tables decorated by posters made by people who bothered to go to Hong Lim Park.

A picture tells a thousand words. Let me just show you some posters and you can decide for yourself if you wish to go to Speakers Corner today (last day) from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

If you do go, bring a placard and make yourself a poster. Tell the world what you think about the summit. It will be good to know more than the views of the most powerful president in the world! Better still, if you are a Korean, tell Singaporeans what you think of the summit.

Peace logo done up at Hong Lim Park on Monday evening.