Simultaneous disruptions in train service along NSL and EWL on Friday evening

Train service was disrupted again on Friday evening (8 Jun), this time along both the North South Line (NSL) and East West Line (EWL).

No official information was given by the SMRT despite the Land Transport Authority’s requirement that train operators must inform commuters of any delay exceeding 10 minutes through mainstream and social media.

According to commuters, the fault seems to have been caused by signalling fault.

Commuters posted information on TATA SMRT Facebook group of the two delays since around 6pm:

Paul Lee wrote: ⚠ “North South and East West Lines – Signal Fault 🕘 Due to a signal fault, trains will be traveling slower. (Station announcement) Info from telegram app of land transport guru.”

Swee Thian Sim wrote: “Stuck in train before Aljunied now. Signal fault.”

Briggs Cudal wrote: “Green line going to Pasir Ris a bit slow…”

Cynthia Khoo wrote: “Signal fault! Stucked at Aljunied MRT going towards Pasir Ris for past 5 mins. Looks major! Better consider alternate transport.”

Jutaz Choon wrote: “Stuck at Lavendar. Announcement say delay for ‘ten minutes’.”

Kamal Mohd is at Raffles Place; he wrote: “Signaling fault now ( 18:22hrs) still in the tunnel..”

Swee Thian Sim who informed earlier above that he was stuck in train before Aljunied posted further information that the situation was getting better:

Swee Thian Sim wrote: “Looking better now… heading to Bugis.”

Jutaz Choon answered the post of Swee Thian Sim:

Jutaz Choon wrote: “Bottleneck at Raffles/City Hall believed to have cleared. But ride a bit jerky. Pl hold on tight to the poles! Heading from Lavendar to boon Lay direction..”

Massive flood of comments were posted on Twitter by commuters, providing information – some included locations – and some posted their complaints:



Another passenger also complained about the lack of official information from SMRT:

And at 10:57pm Hélène tweeted in resentment of the early closure: