Taxi association in Malaysia ask for new government to end ride-hailing services

Mohd Shahrir Abdul Aziz speaks to reporters at the entrance of the Ilham Tower (Source: Malay Mail).

The Malaysian Taxi, Limousine and Car Rental Operators and Drivers Association voiced out earlier last week on Thursday (24 May) that the new Malaysian government should end ride-hailing services in Malaysia and focus on improving the taxi industry.

Mr Mohd Shahrir Abdul Aziz, the association’s president, said that this was one of the proposals made by the taxi group to the Council of Eminent Persons in a brief meeting on Thursday, adding that if there is still public demand for the ride-hailing services, it should be operated by the taxi drivers.

Speaking to reporters at the entrance of the Ilham Tower, Mr Shahrir said, “Our source of income has been severely affected since e-hailing services like Grab was introduced. If our quality of service was really horrendous, do something to correct us or help us improve.”

“We exist but still the e-hailing services are given to businesses to handle who eventually monopolise the industry. We call for the abolishment of Grab and to give the e-hailing operations to us,” he added.

He then stated that said the group also welcomed the abolition of the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD), which he claimed had neglected the interest of over 60,000 taxi drivers in the country over the past few years.

“All recommendations to improve the situation were completely ignored. We wrote multiple letters to SPAD and even the Ministry, but to no avail. SPAD was not doing its job in taking care of us (taxi drivers) and the rest of the industry, so in our eyes it does not have any purpose to resume operations,” he noted.

However, Mr Shahrir said that during the meeting, the Council reserved from giving any response to their recommendations, saying, “They acknowledged it but they didn’t say anything.”

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