Crowds at Bedok North MRT Station / Photo: Beatrice Wong's post on TATA SMRT

Train service disruption along Down Town Line on Thursday morning

A severe train service disruption took place this morning (24 May) along Down Town Line (DTL), causing significant delays in commuters’ travelling time and accumulated huge crowds at stations and on trains.

No official information on the delay, nor the reasons for it, were announced by SBS Transit, the transport operator of DTL While there had been no official announcement by SBS Transit, commuters wrote that the delay was due to a signalling fault.

The passengers’ tweets show that the delay at DTL started at around 6:40am this morning. Commuters also note that they were stuck at stations for five to ten minutes at each station and some noted that the overall delay experienced, can be up to an hour.



Michelle, who mistaken SMRT is the operator of DTL, questioned the time delay announced at the station:


And other commuters also tweeted their complains and disappointments on the inaccurate or lack of information:



The delay occurred on both directions on the DTL:

Other commuters’ complains kept pouring in Twitter due to lack of information:

On TATA SMRT Facebook page, passengers also posted information on the DTL train delay:

Yong Jian Rong wrote: “Estimated additional 15min travelling time along Downtown Line in both directions.”

John Robert Lee wrote: “DTL delay due to unknown reason. Intermittent stopping is expected. Thanks to my Friend for sending me out this info.”

Eddie Shim posted a photo: “Bedok North 812am”

Angie Ng wrote: “DTL STOPPING ADDITIONAL 5MINS ON EVERY STATION… from KB to Bedok Reservoir already took 15mins!!! Stuck in between 2stations now!!!”

Esther Lee wrote that at Chinatown an announcement said the delay was due to signaling fault, but the time duration was still off:

Esther Lee wrote: “Announcement at Chinatown DTL. Delay due to signaling fault in both directions. Additional traveling time of 5 mins to be added.”

John Robert Lee wrote that the delays on DTL was caused by train intermittent stopping and backlogging:

John Robert Lee shared a photo from MRT Singapore Service Information, he wrote: “Situation at Hillview station. Pax unable to board the train as train is crowded. As said, expect delays on DTL due to intermittent stopping, backlogging caused all the way to 6 Av.”