At sembawang station / Photo: Shirow Lim's post on Facebook

Train service disruption along East West Line and North South Line on Monday morning

Following successive delays last week, the train service was disrupted this morning again (21 May) along the East-West Line. A rider also mentioned that on North South Line towards Marina Bay was also very packed. This time no official explanation offered by SMRT.

Several passengers posted information and questions on the delay on Tata SMRT Facebook”

Shirow Lim wrote: At Sembawang toward town. Mrt very full.

Epsye Lim wrote: Today EW towards Jurong East very slow. Any train fault announcement?

Aaron Tan wrote: Nope, but in Eunos here, the announcements claimed that the Mrt ahead is not moving thus delayed.

JX Li wrote the North South Line towards Marina Bay was very packed:

JX Li wrote: Today north south line towards marina bay very pack.. why ah?

But Jill Yeo wrote that from Ang Mo Kio the crowd was not too bad around 8am:

Jill Yeo wrote: I just came to work from AMK around 8am… Crowd not too bad.

Commuters also posted their complaints on Twitter: