Citizens disagree with Dr Malikis’s idea that Singaporean youth are encapsulated by YOLO attitude

Singapore’s fourth generation leadership will work in concert with young Singaporeans, and must fire up and mobillise their spirit and energy. This was said by President Halimah Yacob in her speech last week

In response to this, Senior Minister of State for Defence and Foreign Affairs, Dr Maliki Osman said in Parliament that the Singaporean dream of possessing the 5Cs – cash, car, credit card, condominium and a country card membership – was ‘in the past’ and millennials today are developing their own definition of success.

“Our youths today crave memorable and purposeful experiences that emphasise the importance of the journey, instead of being fixated with the destination,” said the Senior Minister of State for Defence and Foreign Affairs.

Dr Maliki added that the youths want to be excited about where they live, work and play, encapsulated by the You Only Live Once (YOLO) attitude.

“To this end, our youths can look forward to raising families in homes that will boast both physical and digital connectivity. Just imagine, by leveraging artificial intelligence, smart homes could render current day household chores an afterthought,” Dr Maliki said.

He claimed that millennials will come to grips with the challenges of participating in the extremely competitive global labour marketplace.

“More will job hop, with high attrition rates in some professions – because just earning money is not enough – young people want to know that they have made a difference. They look for new experiences and learn new things as they know the possession of single or static skillsets is not sufficient to thrive amid the competition,” he said.

He added, millennials also enjoy hunting down ‘Instagram-worthy hangouts’ and participating in various arts or sporting events, and so Singapore must be able to cater to such leisure activities.

He went on further to state that the government will need to partner Singapore citizens to satisfy this new generation’s thirst for novel experiences and to redefine the meaning of success, recognising that paradoxically, it might be one that continually shifts and always gives something new and better to aspire towards.

Many readers commented on this news reported by ChannelNews Asia on its Facebook, mostly opposing or challenging Mr Maliki’s view and said that he is out of touch:

Tan Boon Han wrote: Yes 5C is in the past because majority of Singaporean cannot acheive when everything is so expensive. We only have enough to put food on the table. Btw, i dont think u rich people understand. Even if understand, u people also dont really care. What u people wsnt is to win vote in future by talking rubbish. We r not that stupid, some even have higher qualification than u.

Johnson Lee wrote: Another out of touch speech. Millennials have higher aspirations for 5Cs but are realistic to know that they are living in the most expensive city in the world.No thanks to the government for costs going up even for the basics- housing, food, water, education, health care. Even the air we breath when listening to absurd speeches from the highly paid ministers and MPs.

Albert Tan Owing wrote:

  • A car @$120,000
  • A private condo @$1,000,000 or
  • A 3-room HDB @ $350,000
  • A Career estimated $2,800 per month….
  • Cash left over?
  • Another MP is out of touch.

Douglas Oliverio wrote: speak for yourself Dr Maliki ! based on what survey? what is the demographics and respondents pool like ?

Garry Wee wrote: Yolo attitude is one of the ways to a cheery approach to the depressing living in this expensive country! Everything is so expensive the only 5C I know now in order to survive is to CUT CUT CUT CUT CUT everything till the bare minimum. How else to survive??

Eric Ng Akatsuki wrote: This charlatan is clueless and detached from reality. How much you need to earn to pursue the 5Cs per month, 15-20k? In such a climax of slow economic growth and hyper inflation, how long will it takes for you to work to earn such a wage to accumulate enough to pursue the 5Cs? 20-30 years? When you are already in your late 40s to 50s? By that point, you probably will still have heavy financial commitments and you are in the high-risk age on the retrenchment list. You will be lucky if you still have a job by your 50s, you still want to pursue the 5Cs? You must be daft to even think about it.

SB Zhang wrote: Time are different now …. too late already what pap done can’t be undone … Singaporean are all just waiting

Edwin Ng ZA wrote: Is this gentleman trying to hint that Millennials will stay “YOLO” and never to be stabilized? Settling down late does not mean 5C are not a goal. While it is true that Singaporean don’t necessarily need a condo (with the availability of HDB), CASH, CAREER are something that no city dweller will ever do without. Try getting married with 1000 bucks in the bank account while both the couple surviving with some odd jobs.

Francis Yeow wrote: Did he has a statistic with wide range of millennials age? Don’t just say say just because he dream of it. Use data to back his statement. And the data must be strong to withstand challenging by anyone.

Fion Lau wrote: Youths have YOLO aspirations as they have no financial commitment. When money needs come in, everyone will behave and react in similar manner.

Leslie Poon wrote: Locals can’t achieve the 5Cs because they can’t due to escalating costs of living. Not because they YOLO! Stop being OUT OF TOUCH!

Fei Chen Ten wrote: years ago, 5C is still achievable for most of the Singaporean and PR; but today it is no longer the case. So younger people set a more realistic goal for themselves. And someone in its government looked at the data, and said such statement to add shines to government’s face. Hahaha, what a smart big data analysis. When the MRT fare is so expensive that most people cannot afford, someone may come out and tell us that the government did a great job in solving the MRT problem, and big success in moving towards cycling and jogging society.

Margaret Lee wrote: you forgot to add that this YOLO mindset excludes future generations in their lives

Ismail Tan wrote: Our youth have YOLO mindset because our ministers don’t have the YNWA (liverpool) attitude. So actually YOLO means “Your Ownself Limp Onwards.”

Shane Bléu wrote: You Yolo or we Yolo? Some of us working 2 jobs still got the cheek to say we Yolo!

Choon Hiong wrote: My opinion is that humans will generally find their own meaning of “success”… one such way is material gains. But unlike their previous generation, if they feel that working hard cannot achieve these 5Cs as it seem so impossible to reach, they will redefine their own meaning of success such as YOLO. I think there is nothing wrong but whether it is able to reconcile with the government plan to make Singapore competitive… the government need to rethink ways to make the goals attainable to reach… For instance housing price… I think there might be a sense among younger generation that why should they work so hard to pay off a huge lifetime debt when in the end it is not theirs to keep. In that case they might be better off staying with their parents and pursue a job that is less stressful even if it does not pay well.

Tan Zhi Kun Isaiah wrote: millennials are not drawing to 5C because it was deemed impossible even you are with degree or masters and millennials needed a strong mentor to guide and facilitate them to fulfil their greatest potential and calling. Without guidance and support, they would move into YOLO mindset. Hence, mentorship is important and essential regardless of how tough it might been.