Temasek short film project releases music videos by project theme of ‘Beyond 2020’

By Weber Shandwick

The Temasek Short Film Project kicks off its second season today with four music videos (MVs) inspired by the project theme of ‘Beyond 2020’.

The MVs will offer viewers a glimpse into the hopes and dreams of local secondary school students and their perspectives on life beyond the year 2020 – ahead of the project’s official launch on 29 May.

The videos, which touch on themes such as technology advancement and disruption, as well as social resilience and environmental degradation, were produced using mobile filmmaking techniques by students between 14 to 17 years old across 4 secondary schools – Jurong West Secondary School, Dunman High School, Canberra Secondary School and Nan Hua High School.

Mentored by local film industry veterans Wee Li Lin and Ong Kuo Sin, the MVs feature the original theme song “We’ll Be Okay” written and composed by local award-winning singer and actress, Jean Seizure.

The soundtrack in each MV were each sung by four different local artistes – .gif, Joie Tan, Shak’thiya and Umar Sirhan. The artistes were featured last year in The Great Singapore Replay, a community project jointly presented by the National Arts Council and Temasek which brought back Singapore’s greatest hits of yesteryears, reimagined by some of Singapore’s most promising emerging artists.

“The partnership between 20/20: The Temasek Short Film Project and The Great Singapore Replay provides a platform for Singapore’s young creative talents to express their voices and vision of the nation’s future, in a highly collaborative manner. We want to nurture promising local talents in the community, and hope that this collaboration will spark wider interest in creative storytelling and filmmaking among young people,” said Stephen Forshaw, Managing Director of Public Affairs at Temasek.

Under the tutelage of Ong Kuo Sin, students from Canberra Secondary School and Nan Hua High School produced the Cryonics and Life Beyond 2020 music videos respectively. Known for his versatility, Ong’s work ranges from documentaries to variety shows to dramas and comedies. He received a nomination for “Best Local Direct” at the Singapore E-Awards in 2014, and his viral hit song “Unbelievable” for Spouse For House, garnered more than 5 million hits on social networks.

“This is the very first time that secondary school students have had the opportunity to be part of a project of this nature, and they didn’t disappoint. I was extremely impressed by their passion, creativity, story-telling skills and willingness to create something that would incite conversation. I’m excited to follow their journey as they look to become the future of our industry”, said Ong Kuo Sin.

Wee Li Lin closely mentored the students from Jurong West Secondary School and Dunman High School, responsible for the Dusk Till Dawn and Kim music videos. Wee is one of Singapore’s pioneer female filmmakers, with her distinct comedic and fantastical touch. She has won several awards both locally and internationally including Best Director at the Singapore International Film Festival.

Speaking about her return as a mentor in Temasek 20/20, Li Lin said, “It’s important for the youth to have a platform to express their own perspectives on the road that lies ahead for them and the nation’s future. Project 20/20 gives them that, I’m honoured to be back again for the second edition.

“These students are young, but this investment in them is vital as it provides the students with the relevant exposure to an industry-standard film production and hands-on experience with the complexities of production, scriptwriting, as well as management of budgets and timelines. And most importantly, it gives them a chance to flex their creativity in this medium and have lots of fun in the process. It was really fun for me and my team as well, an experience we all won’t soon forget.”

The full premiere of 20/20: The Temasek Short Film Project season two is set for 29 May. Films from 20/20’s first season in 2016, which gathered over a million video views, garnered invitations to participate in international film festivals; I Believe screened at the AS Film Festival in Italy, while Mother was featured at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival in Canada.

As in the previous season, Temasek has collaborated with Singapore-based film production company mm2 Entertainment, which has produced notable movies such as the Ah Boys To Men series. mm2 oversaw the filmmaking process and worked with the mentor-directors and filmmaker groups to complete the films.

For more information, please visit https://twenty20.temasek/