Take responsibility in your votes, don’t be just keyboard warriors

Interesting to see posts comparing Singaporeans and Malaysians especially in relation to the recent Malaysia General Election.

One thing I need to address is we have too many keyboard warriors. Why?

Times like now when victory is secured because they can unite and make their voices heard… while us? I said us. We would only complain to humans around us how we are reluctant to cast the votes to them and how unhappy we feel under X party ruling.

Come on man, voters made that choice. You cast that holy sacred vote. Stop complaining.

I grew up in an area which I never got to vote before. Minority voters suffer the results of majority voters. The ironic thing is I see majority voters complaining.

GST rising, CPF frozen, whatever self inflicted inflation or whatever policy, you made that choice.

IF you really want a change, do it for real. Stop giving excuses that if you are a civil servant or running own business then you are obliged to vote for X party.

PLEASE. This is 2018. Take responsibility in your votes. It is just like taking responsibility in your action in short.

Don’t blame the party. Blame the citizens. We gave them the power and you can’t expect anyone normal sane and normal not to get blinded by power. We are humans. We are not Saints.

Hopefully I see lesser complaints and of course, more voters with a little more brains for our next GE.