Source: LTA Facebook page.

LTA officers launch enforcement blitz on errant riders of PMDs with speed guns

Land Transport Authority (LTA) officers equipped its officers with speed guns went on an enforcement blitz held at the junction of Yishun Avenue 2 and Avenue 7 on Wednesday, as part of its efforts to deter speeding by errant riders. The guns have a range of up to one kilometre and also video-recording capabilities.

The Active Mobility Act (AMA) kicked in on Tuesday (1 May) which contains a set of rules and code of conduct for cyclists, and riders of personal mobility devices (PMDs) and power-assisted bicycles (PABs), providing LTA with legislative and enforcement powers to regulate the use of bicycles, PMDs and PABs on public paths, as well as the sale of these devices. Cyclists and PMD users must keep to a speed limit of 15kmh on footpaths and 25kmh on shared paths and cycling paths under the Act.

LTA states that offenders who are caught for reckless riding on public paths will face penalties and will be required to attend the Safe Riding Programme (SRP). The maximum penalty for breaking the speed rule is $2,000 fine and/or six months jail terms.

Source: LTA Facebook page.

PMD users, mostly e-scooterists, were also pulled over and had their devices weighed and measured during the enforcement blitz.

LTA said that non-compliant devices, among them a PMD which weighed over 42kg, were seized and forfeited during an enforcement operation around Yishun Avenue 7.

Source: LTA Facebook page.

Under the newly-effective Act, riders can only use the devices that do not exceed 20 kilograms of weight to reduce the risk of serious injuries in cases of collision, 70 centimeters of width to allow devices to cross each other safely, and have maximum speed of 25 kilometres/hour to ensure users to not exceed the speed limit.

All PABs must be sealed with LTA approval seal, registered and fixed with a registration plate. Riders who do not obliged with the rules will get up to $10,000 fine and six months imprisonment.

A total of eight devices were seized by the LTA for being non-compliant, the first time the authority is doing so. The PMDs weighed an average of more than 30kg.

Source: LTA Facebook page.
Source: LTA Facebook page.

A manager with the LTA’s Active Mobility Enforcement Section, Mr Willy Soo, said, “We have continued our usual deployments. The only difference between what we used to do is that from May 1 onwards, we can actually give out a fine to errant users who violate any rules or code of conduct under this Active Mobility Act.”

He said that the active mobility enforcement team has about 60 officers, who are deployed daily at hot spots around the island.