Photo: Kenneth Goh's post on TATA SMRT

Delay along EWL: Train passengers squeezed at Buona Vista station on Friday Evening

The commuters crowded the Buona Vista station and the trains kept on stopping along East West Line (EWL) on Friday evening (27 Apr), without any information of a fault, either in the station or from Singapore Mass Rapid Transport (SMRT).

At 6:18pm Agagooga tweeted that the Westbound line was crazy:

The tweet was soon followed by others:

On TATA SMRT Facebook Kenneth Goh also informed of the situation at Buona Vista and posted a photo:

Kenneth Goh wrote: Something is going on at Bouna Vista now. But no announcements and access to one of the escalators section is restricted.PS: Platform is packed with people but trains interval appear to be regular… So not sure what is going on..

Alvin Lee, answering to Kenneth Goh, posted another photo showing the crowds of commuters on Buona Vista:

Other passengers also added information, answering the post of Kenneth Goh’s:
Jun Liang wrote: due to wet weather, trains arriving n departing take longer
Yanni Auntie wrote: All like to congregate at the centre of the train carriages.

Leonard Tan wrote: Peak period crowd. Plus it is raining and trains are driven in manual mode.

And the post from commuters kept on coming on Twitter:

There was still no information at 7:45pm, official or otherwise from SMRT: