Cabinet reshuffle is nothing new but switching of roles in a musical chair

by Willy Sum
My take on the cabinet reshuffle announced a little over 2 hours ago which is essentially nothing new but the “switching of roles in a musical chair”!
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is actually scrapping the bottom of the barrel when appointing these office holders as it really does not take much to get the attention of the PM by simply acting up something on hot button issues.
Case in point: Indranee’s continuous blabbering (making a fool of herself in the process) and defense of her embattled boss whether he’s right or wrong and Sun Xueling who inconveniently questioned PM in the 38 Oxley saga and kicking some fuss on Town Council lift management issues. Both obtained instant promotions!
Zaqy who stepped up to kind of “fill” the void of Indian president Halimah also got noticed! Tan Wu Meng who challenged WP’s Png Eng Huat to state his views on 38 Oxley and took the rap for bad PAP policies in the form of a beating from his resident, got his place.
After demonstrating inadequacies in our laws that protect the State and rich like the city harvest leaders, Edwin Tong has also been elevated to Senior Minister of State for Law.
Last but not least (a little unconventional), make some noise a little sarcastically over facebook on your plight of being bypassed for promotions for so long, you get to become Senior Parliament Secretary Baey Yam Keng.
In essence, when you say nothing, be nothing or stand for nothing such as Tin Pei Ling, Saktiandi, Rahayu, Fatimah Lateef etc. You get nothing! Do these new appointments give you confidence for our future? Give your verdict in General Election 2020.
What’s only left to be seen now is Singapore Democratic Party’s next CEC line-up!