Letter to ministers about behaviour of Minister K Shanmugam

A letter to Ministers by a member of the public, Xavier Chong to Singapore ministers about the behaviour of Minister of Home Affairs and Law, K Shanmugam at the hearing of the Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods.

I initially hesitated but feel compelled to write this email.

The recent “Fake News” hearings frankly appeared nothing more than a sham. Besides the huge backlash that it has created, the whole proceedings also sullied Singapore’s hard-earned reputation globally.

In particular, I found Mr. K Shanmugam’s questioning of the Facebook representative during the hearing not just distasteful, but plain rude and disrespectful – even towards a fellow human being.
I wonder how someone like him could be a “Minister” in Singapore’s cabinet.

For lack of better description, he behaved like a “thug in a suit” – a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”!

Singapore’s economy is already in a very bad shape. His actions (convening this whole “Fake News” Select Committee, and then conducting it in such an obscene manner)  has imposed a huge cost on Singapore – both in terms of foregone domestic productivity, as well as dented our global reputation.

It is shameful that despite having been in politics for over 30 years and as one of PAP’s longest serving MPs, K Shanmugam has failed to earn the respect of Singaporeans. Instead, he is increasingly becoming a liability for the People’s Action Party and for Singapore.

As a very concerned Singaporean, I hope he will retire in this cabinet reshuffle and allow a new generation of leaders to repair the damage done and take Singapore forward!