“PAP is no longer the great party it once was, but something that seeks to thrive on its past image”

by Amiroh Binte Mukasan

As someone who has supported People’s Action Party (PAP) for the past 3 decades, I cannot help but frown on the recent antics of the people who are supposedly our future political leaders. It is a far cry from the PAP I have known them to be.

During the late 70s, my Dad was unable to secure a hawker stall and approached our Member of Parliament Sha’ari Tadi for help. At that time, he understood our plight and personally helped us with rental and utility bills before pushing for us. Eventually, we managed to secure one at the newly built Bedok Interchange and our lives improved from there on.

Later, we were also the beneficiaries of Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s clinic. When my mum was sick, he gladly helped us even though we were not residents of his. I admired him and was glad to know that he has given tremendous efforts helping Singaporeans, including using Central Provident Fund to fund higher education and having dared to speak up against his own party against the use of foreign talents.

It is with deepest regret that many of the MPs wearing the PAP uniform today fall short of the standards that have been set by their predecessors. Our collective leadership has failed us by a standard that would not acceptable to the great Mr Lee Kuan Yew himself. Just look at what has happened recently.

The first disappointment came of course during the 38 Oxley Road saga – So many questions remain. Why would siblings of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong come up in such a manner to even label him as a “dishonourable son”? Why is his own nephew seeking refuge in another land? Why is Li Sheng Wu being prosecuted by an Attorney-General who is PM Lee’s personal lawyer with no experience in criminal law?

Worse, I personally felt that the reserved Presidential election would be something that the late Mr Lee himself would not have approved. As a lawyer, he would have known better than his mathematician son to respect the sanctity of the constitution and not amended it for such reasons – the Constitution is a Constitution!

Reading some of the recent articles by The Online Citizen, I noticed that the statistics paint a bleak picture of our country. The unemployment rate has shot up according to one article and the problem might have potentially been worse but masked by technological advancement – people have become “self-employed” as Uber drivers to avoid employment altogether.

And amidst all these, the PAP has increased the prices of everything from water to public transport to HDB season parking. Instead of helping people, the PAP seems to be more keen in “fixing” their opposition when these matters are severely pressing.

As someone put it across to me, the PAP is no longer the great party it once was, but something that seeks to thrive on its past image. I am not sure how long we are able to support such a party, but it is clear that my vote will no longer belong to them.