Further attacks on Sylvia Lim, dishonorable and shows a heavy dose of pettiness

Below is a comment made by Bobby Teo on Senior Minister of State for Finance and Law Indranee Rajah’s Facebook post which renewed attacks on Ms Sylvia Lim for not apologising for comments made on GST hike. 

You said Ms Sylvia’s allegation was that the government  “floated a “test balloon” which was a suspicion she stated.

You have also said Ms Lim “admitted that her suspicion may not have been correct”. This is after the government has clarified in response, primarily from the Finance Minister.

Ms Sylvia Low has accepted her suspicion does not hold anymore – that she accepted.
You did not mention that Silvia stated she did not say or intend to state the government is dishonest.

So, what do you mean by “Ms Lim refused to withdraw her allegation” ?

The allegation as you have stated was about the test balloon which Ms Lim accepted as untrue after the gov’s reply.  So, what that there is left to withdraw ?

The dis-honourable thing and impact on integrity of the government is an inferred outcome basis on Ms Lim’s initial statement on test balloons and retracted gov position. That she has accepted the suspicion does not hold anymore after the clarification means that inferred outcome does not hold.

Please note it is an inferred position raised by the government in response to Ms Lim’s statement. There is no way to prove with every citizen whether it hurt their perception of this government and short of everyone polled and replying, no single incomplete survey or perceived impact is representative.

If you think the government’s standing on integrity has been affected, then it does look like it is really fragile.

All would have been fine if it ended with Ms Lim getting Minister Heng’s clarifications in parliament and Ms Lim accepting that which she did.

However, to go further and attack that Ms Lim does not have an honourable conduct shows a heavy dose of pettiness motivated not by what should be a pure intention to seek the truth.

Please grow up and show some maturity.