Country headed downhill under incompetent ‘4G leaders’ with high salaries

by Kwok Fangjie

I applaud Ms Sylvia Lim’s refusal to concede to Leader of the House, Grace Fu’s demands

It is very shocking that Grace Fu has the audacity to demand such an apology especially since the People’s Action Party has screwed up in many areas ($880,000 bin centre, MRT breakdowns, etc) and have failed to apologise themselves. Yet, they are going all out to “fix” the opposition whose aim is to convey ground sentiments.

In a shocking act of hypocrisy, Charles Chong himself made allegations against the Workers’ Party during the General Election 2015. Yet, he has not himself apologised for any of the allegations made despite evidence rebutting his defamatory claims.

It seems to me that the 4G leaders chose to act as though they have the respect and stature of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

The PAP under the 1G/2G/3G leadership had a strong mandate of the people because they serve and people feel that their lives have improved under the administration. However, the same cannot be said for the 4G leaders. In fact, life has become so much harder and costs are forever increasing under unqualified jokers.

Li Shengwu has come out recently to say that more opposition MPs will send a message to PAP that they do not have a free hand in doing whatever they feel like. An increasing number of Singaporeans are fed-up with the PAP’s antics, not only in this incident but the reserved elections as well.

Mr LKY said in his biography that a key to the PAP’s downfall is when the electorate feels that the PAP has deteriorated in quality. It seems that the country is headed downhill under the so-called ‘4G leaders’ who get high salaries but are incompetent.

What skills does a backside doctor have to lead a trade ministry? What skills does a medical doctor have to lead a defence ministry? Why did they appoint a paper general to lead a transport company which is relied on by so many Singaporeans?

GE2019/2020 is only a year or two away and I rest my case.