Slow train travel along NSL this Wednesday morning

The Singapore Mass Rapid Transport (SMRT) trains experienced another disruptions this morning (7 Mar) resulting in slow speed and congestion along the North South Line (NSL), without clarification from SMRT.

The problem started early around 6am according to a commuter’s tweet:

After 8:30am the disruptions and confusions seemed to get worse, still without official announcement from SMRT:

The commuters posts on TATA SMRT Facebook also informed on the crowd at several stations and slow train speed without announcement:

Aloysius J B Cruz 2 hrs:

Crowded at CCK station towards Jurong. No announcement.

Aloysius J B Cruz 2 hrs:

Crowded at yewtee platform towards jurong. Trains also full. No announcement.

Hanisah Mohamed Husin 1 hr:
Train moving like a snail, keep stopping towards YCK.
JX Li 1 hr:

Train fault at amk.. have to get down and wait for next train…fml

Dante Yuxuan 1 hr:

0826: Ang Mo Kio (》 MSP) facing major CBTC screwup 6 trains bunching

Jun Jian 1 hr:

I experienced additional 4 minutes travelling time from Ang Mo Kio to Braddell. This is as of 8.37am


Another commuter also complained the lack of air condition in the train:

After 10am the problem was still not solved: