Lee Bee Wah (aka Sis Flower) tells story in Parliament

by Willy Sum

I refer to the snippet by “Mothership”, highlighting what (Auntie) Lee Bee Wah said when chastising MP Pritam Singh for suggesting using a small, capped fraction of land sales proceeds  (and other options) be thoroughly considered by the PAP government first, before resorting down the slippery slope of raising taxes as an easy way out of National issues, much like what SMRT is doing to “outsource” its problems.

It is indeed very perplexing for the man on the street like myself, that Auntie Lee Bee Wah (or her invisible resident) would loosely choose to use the word “Dishonorable son” when rebutting MP Singh’s suggestion.

Is Lee Bee Wah not aware that only 1 person in the House is being called a Dishonorable son by a family member and he/she is not a member of the Opposition? It is also time Lee Bee Wah come clean with the skeletons in her closet on how much and many government projects did her firm manage to clinch during her term as a MP.

How sweet is karma for it does not recognise face, prestige nor power when dishing out rewards or punishments to haunt those who inflict torment on the defenseless ones!

Lee Bee Wah is enough reasoning and a classic example on why voters of Nee Soon should throw their support behind the alternative parties as Singapore simply does not need another pseudo Opposition masquerading under the guise of PAP  Government Parliamentary Committees who would only in turn, vote yes to all of PAP agendas and destructive policies like Immigration, Tampering with the Constitution and the impending GST hike!

Singapore will do well with visionaries like Low Thia Khiang and even Chen Show Mao who are well equipped to deal with a rising China and a Dr Chee Soon Juan who has close ties with the US administration, like Anwar Ibrahim and Ang San Suu Kyi in the region. Unlike the PAP which only time and again, screws up badly in foreign policies, whether it be rallying against China or voting against the US and Israel at the UN, it is only a matter of time the self-fulfilling prophecy of Wealth not passing beyond the 3rd generation be fulfilled in our lifetime!