Bukit Panjang Platform / Photo: Wikipedia

Train delay along DTL on Thursday due to signalling fault

The Down Town Line (DTL) was hit by a train signaling fault this morning (1 March), starting around 6:30am and still went on until the afternoon.

At 6:29am َrinnie tweeted to ask an explanation for the train delays along the DTL to the Singapore Mass Rapid Transport (SMRT), not remembering that DTL is operated by the SBS Transit:

At 6:51am SBS Transit announced a signal fault delaying train services towards Expo and Bukit Panjang:

Other commuters on the DTL also posted their information and frustration of the delay on Twitter:



Two hours later commuters were still tweeted about the delay on the DTL:

Ernz Lim complained about the incorrect timing for the next train displayed on the screen:

At 9.00am SBS Transit noted to commuters to expect 15 minutes of delay :

Amelea Tan wrote back stating that she has been stuck in the train for almost an hr.


‘Percy the Smol Engine’ didn’t have a pleasant morning:

And commuters started to complain about the inaccurate delay time mentioned by SBS Transit:


By 12.51pm the DTL problems were still not fixed:

At 3:47pm, SBS Transit tweeted that train service along DTL was still delayed due to signaling fault.