Half dished justice is akin to serving none at all

by Willy Sum
I make reference to your post about the upcoming extradition of the “Standard Charted Robber” to Singapore to face our Justice system.
Like most citizens, we were at first delighted to hear news of the Head of Commonwealth cooperating with us in ensuring “Justice has long arms” but are now arm twisting the Judicial process instead, to secure concessions and special treatment for the offender so he will not have to face the full brunt of his deeds like all Singaporeans and other third world nationals.
This is indeed very insulting and to a certain extent, neo-colonialism in action as we are seen to be weak and easily bent when we are supposed to be on par with them. I would like to hear what the iron fisted Minister for Law and Home Affairs have to say about this as he often clamps down hard on social activists like Dr Chee Soon Juan, Jolovan Wham, Teo Soh Lung and even Lee Shengwu etc., using brute force and frequently amending the Criminal Procedural Code to do so but applying a different standard when it comes to dealing with other First World Nationals from Europe!
If such is the case, then I suggest we forget eradicating this individual as serving half dished justice is akin to serving none at all and Singaporeans at large should really muster up National pride and ponder if this the kind of society we want, where Caucasians get to do whatever they like and get away lightly with interventions from their Superpower embassies!
Singaporeans are already frustrated with the inability of Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) and Public Service Committee to investigate the 38 Oxley Rd Saga, inability of Ministry of Manpower to restore the annual wage supplement that employers have been dodging since it was removed from the books in 2006 as well as ineffectiveness of the CPF Board in punishing employers who default in CPF contribution like the Intermedia case, now this?