Second train service disruption along NSL on Tuesday, without announcement from SMRT

Signal fault caused yet another service disruption along North South Line during Tuesday’s evening peak hours. This comes after an earlier service disruption in the morning.

Information released by the transport operator, Singapore Mass Rapid Transport was limited to the train platforms and trains with no postings made on its Facebook, Twitter and transport app despite Land Transport Authority’s requirement that commuters must be informed of any delay exceeding 10 minutes through mainstream and social media.

Several tweets from passengers concerning the disruption were posted around 8pm:

Posts by TATA SMRT (The Alternate Transport Advisory & Spore Magnificent Rescue Team) Facebook users posted details and questions about the train delays:

Alvin Lee 1 hr:

There is a delay on NSL at Newton NB due to signalling fault.

Yao JingYong 1 hr:

Train stuck between Newton and Orchard station towards Marina Bay due to signal fault (according to announcement).

John Robert Lee 1 hr

What’s happening again? This time a signal fault causing delays on NSL again. Expect extra travelling time & more crowds to build up.


A commuter, @not_amosng, questioned the lack of SMRT announcement on social media: