Customers take to social media to air their grievances with SingPost’s poor services

A SingPost postman was reported to have been dismissed by SingPost after it was revealed that he had thrown mails into the rubbish bin.

This was said by a SingPost spokesperson in response to media queries regarding a viral social media post which had a series of videos showing stacks of letters being thrown into rubbish bins. In one of the videos, a postman confessed to the act after a customer of SingPost, who wanted to know what happened to the flyers he tasked SingPost to deliver, confronted him with the flyers.

The company confirmed the incident had happened at a condominium on Wednesday and said it did not condone the incident. Although SingPost said that the postman was dismissed for his actions, the postman had said that he was going back to China on Friday. TOC has sent a media query to SingPost to clarify if the postman was already scheduled to leave the company and return to his country.

Many disgruntled customers took to social media to tell their stories of how their letters were missing and their experiences with SingPost’s services.

Anne Toh wrote, “In 3 months I have lost a total of 11 cheques book. I never received any one of it and have confirmed with bank the dates they send out. Feedback to SingPost, they do not know what happened to the lost cheque books after investigations. They have talked to postman and advised me to monitor if there’s any lost mails. Feeling helpless, now I self collect my cheque books from bank. Sigh. They are unreliable these day.”

Cedric Chow wrote, “It’s a very common case these days. Postmen don’t bother to send the parcels or registered letters up to the house these days. They simply deposit a card saying they have came but there’s nobody at home. I encountered that a few times, while waiting at home for the item, only to receive a card asking me to collect from the post office as there’s nobody at home! Seriously, this is really unacceptable!”

Raj Souri wrote, “Finally the truth is out. Encountered many times registered mail not delivered personally. Wake up, SingPost. You are tarnishing our Singapore name.”

Yin Siew wrote, “I have seen local mailmen dump bags of mail in the little room underneath the HDB stairs. Bags and bags…. I guess also undelivered.”

Sam Jean Ross wrote, “Why no fine? I lost my mail which was a bill and because I did not receive the bill I was fined for not paying the bill! And he was not fined! PRC – Thank you pappies.”

Kiwi Bird wrote, “Not surprised. I have been missing quite a number to mail previously. I called SingPost the compliant officer told me if you want to be sure. Use registered mail. I retorted by asking normal mail is okay to be lost in transit?”

KT Tan wrote, “For the benefit of potential victims of postal service, when there is a registered mail or parcel which is supposed to be delivered, my experience are as follows:
– postman will make a call to parcel recipient (1 ring), hang up and place the notice to get the parcel recipient to collect himself or herself. So that constitutes “no one answering the phone” or “not at home”.
– postman did not even call and insert the note to collect the parcel.
Unfortunately during those time, I was on vacation and waiting for the mail, sitting next to my sofa beside the main door. NOBODY came and they simply inserted the collection paper note there. Note: My parcel is via SingPost EMS and I am aware of the delivery dates as the payment was for registered mail.
By the way, I might be wrong, but the postal law suggests that mails delivered is considered sent. If that was a legal letter, the recipient will be implicated / charged for no response!
SingPost, please recruit someone who has a passion and pride in his or her job. This one call – hang policy should be changed.”

Harry Goh wrote, “I have lost mail for over a decade which I should received. My calendars sent by my suppliers are always folded and crushed into half into my mailbox all the time. SingPost as a company has very serious problems. If you have very important mail to send out, please don’t use SingPost, not even on registered mail service.”

Waisee Chen wrote, “SingPost postmen don’t deliver registered mail to your door, even when you are home. They would give you a slip telling you that you were not at home. RUBBISH. I was home the whole day and no postman came to my door. This is their standard. When I called the post office to mention this, I was told: “don’t tell me. You call HQ to complain.””

Centaur Saggitarius wrote, “Honestly speaking. If you have engaged SingPost service before, they always lose mail leh. And then they say if you want to know where’s your mail, you will have the pay more. So that mails can be traced. But the thing is. If something so simple can’t even do well, why should customers pay more? I did rather engaged DHL, FedEx or UPS. What’s worst is that, their call centre is in India. When I call in about my lost mail last time, someone from India talked to me. And well. Nothing can be done. Because mail went missing.”

Jean Lin Yali wrote, “Our company submitted a letter of credit for negotiation via the bank. The bank thus uses Singpost LUM service meaning same day delivery. Guess what, the documents are not delivered to the other bank within the day. Right up to late noon the following day, it is still not delivered. we have to keep calling and calling to chase. Reason given, too many jobs on hand. SingPost please employ more staff if you are shorthanded.”

Christian Eliav Ratnam wrote, ‘SingPost getting from bad to worse. They knock on your door once or twice to deliver a parcel, sometimes they don’t knock at all when they hear the dog barking. They leave a slip of paper by the gate that sometimes gets blown away. Most don’t even have the courtesy to leave the slip in the mailbox at least. The other day they left a parcel of mine worth $500 outside my house without even ringing the bell. I checked my tracking information and saw that the parcel was labeled delivered, I checked to see if it was left outside and true enough it was. It could have been stolen, it could have gotten wet had the cleaners decided to do the washing that day. I suspect the postman forged my signature. I’ll be pursuing this for the benefit of others. Seeing all these comments, I see this is almost a systemic issue.”

Mohamed Fazluddin Mohd H wrote, “For past 3 – 4 years its been incrementally bad year on year. My document from HSBC was never delivered but was sent back to Bank. In the end DHL delivered the very next day all perfect. SingPost, bungkus la.”

John Girija Mathew wrote, ‘Worst is that they come and deliver registered letters knock once or twice, and won’t even wait for a while for response. Just quickly leave collection letter to collect the mail at SingPost. Worst is sometimes you have to collect at SingPost Paya Lebar. Like merry go round!
And I met an old lady so weak that she needs to collect her mail for her son because the mail man left quickly not even waiting for her to respond. Worst she went to SingPost the mail is not there. She was upset because she had to go to the main branch to collect. I really don’t know where are the olden days kind & polite postman tat we use to have!”

Michael Poon wrote, “SingPost customer service also terrible. My office did not receive mails for 3 consecutive days. I feedback on 3rd day evening. They reply that monitor for another few days. I emphasize to them again that I am not calling from residential, my office usually will receive about 20 mails a day. They shoot back asking me to call the senders to check if they send any mail to my office.”

Belinda Chng wrote, “For the last 2 weeks my husband has been receiving a pile of letters in his office letterbox. None of the letters belong to him. He had to distribute and leave those letters at his neighbour doors. Is this how SingPost do things now?”

Wai Kit wrote, “Three times dealing with Singpost Parcel and had enough of their lousy service. 1) Didn’t even received a delivery slip for my parcel until I received a final reminder slip to collect the item before it was sent back to Paya Lebar. 2) Again didn’t received delivery slip, I had to call my sender for proof of delivery and go to post office to collect. 3) Received the delivery slip but allocated a PopStation which was further away when there’s another PopStation nearby. Called Singpost, routed overseas but despite their best intentions, can’t help to solve your problem. SingPost CusCare, Singapore Post, you can outsource your call centre but you can’t outsource your problems.”

Angie Peijun wrote, ‘I did not get my parcel. When I logged onto SingPost website to track my item, the reason for not delivering it was “wrong address / incomplete address”. When I checked with the merchant, the issue was with SingPost. SingPost will be arranging for the delivery.”

Tang Chong Fai Kelvin wrote, “SingPost is the worst I encounter many times never received my parcel and only a sheet of paper to collect from post office. Called to complain, but, also no action done. Just piss off with them.”

Jacob Mathews wrote, “My mails and bank statements are always missing. Never received them until a late penalty bill comes.”

Roland Ignatius Tan wrote, “Lost my tracked package to the US too. Mobile tracking app kept reporting my package was in transit. Felt something was wrong when it felt too long. Reported it at SingPost but, I was too late. Now package is gone, no consolation reimbursements. Closed case. Paid for tracking and can still lose my package. Well done SingPost.”

Jeffrey Yeo wrote, “I lost $250.00 because SingPost delivered my registered mail one week later. The event was conducted 3 days before the Delivery date. I sent emails and no compensation or reasons were given.”

Seifer Tan wrote, “SingPost didn’t even delivered a registered parcel. The whole house with only 2 human, myself and my 6 month old son. And they claimed that someone from my household had already collected the package and send me a proof of delivery with a random signature. I seriously think that the SingPost delivery guy just sign it himself and took the parcel. After 2 months then their “internal investigation” then show parcel is lost. what nonsense is this? Still got the nerves to insist it was delivered and insisted on the proof of delivery receipt.”

Derry Wong wrote, “One letter also need me to travel all the way to SingPost office to collect. Why can’t you just slot in my mail box instead of slot the paper on my door below to ask me to collect at your SingPost office?”

Joshua Ng wrote, “Do not use SingPost services. Overseas soft toy package from China postal code was given complete. Blk number omitted. After consult from SingPost office they asked for 70 dollars to search for my parcel. I told them I have a tracking ID and its been delivered to the delivery centre near my place. In the end because there is no blk number even tho have complete postal code and unit number they insist to send it back to China. China Post even with the same address they manage to deliver to my door step. Both parcel from AliExpress. Singpost failed. China Post successful. Minus 1 for SingPost and never post again with them.”

Daniel Lee wrote, “No wonder. Recently I missed receiving one of my credit cards monthly statement and didn’t realise it until I was charged for late payment and finance charges in the following month’s statement. Could this be the reason of mails been discarded by the postman?”

Jean Murrow wrote, ‘Two of my cards from Perth-Singapore have gone astray. It is a well known fact that cards addressed to Master or Miss are targets as they usually enclose money from grandparents. Although I wrote my return address in Perth they just disappeared!”

Serene Sim SK Sim wrote, “Yes! Very angry! Sender paid registered maid for nothing, glad to see all these matters come to light.”

Sam Jean Ross wrote, “Sack for what. I have been fined for not paying a bill because I never got the bill in the mail. He should be fined. This is so unfair just because he is PRC so no fine.”

Lim Wei Hung wrote, “And the FT was not the only one. There were another local Chinese male and local Indian male featured in his other videos. Both threw away important letters, including those from NUH.”