Train delay continues along NSL after announced longer operation intervals before 7am

The train services were disrupted again this morning (Saturday, 3 Feb) along North South Line (NSL), without official explanation from Singapore Mass Rapid Transport (SMRT).

This happened after train services on the NSL between Orchard and Marina South Pier MRT stations operated at longer intervals of 10 to 15 minutes before 7am on Saturday, as announced by the SMRT on its Facebook on 26 January 2018. The longer intervals before 7am will also be operated on Sunday mornings (4 Feb).

At 8:24am Wayne Chew posted on TATA SMRT Facebook:

Wayne Chew: Take a note that there is a 5 mins delay on the NSL due to a signal fault.

John Robert Lee shared MRT Singapore Service Information’s image at 8:27.

John Robert Lee : Whole NSL delayed due to signalling fault. Consider other MRT lines to your destination.

Alvin Lee also posted information that additional time needed caused by signaling fault at 9:06:

Alvin Lee: Additional 10 mins travelling time for NSL due to signalling fault

Jiasiang Bangyou asked about the delay at 10:53:

Jiasiang Bangyou: NSL got problem again? stopping at each station for some time than usual…

There were also commuter’s tweets complaining on delays and faults this morning around the same time: