Sembawang MRT Station / Photo: Randal Tiger-kun's post on TATA SMRT Facebook

Service disruption along NSL on Wednesday morning

Another track fault along the North South Line (NSL) occurred this morning (31 Jan), causing slow train speed, crowded trains and platforms. And again, without any official explanation given by the Singapore Mass Rapid Transport (SMRT).

A tweet at 7:29am from Richard Jang first highlighted the service disruption on NSL. He noted that there were 4 trains waited to enter the Sembawang Northbound Platform to Jurong East:

Vijayan Haridas’ tweet questioned the lack of information for the delay:

Other commuters’ tweets also complained on the  crawling pace and crowded trains:

A commuter, Mary Lee posted a photo of an excuse slip from SMRT dated 31 Jan on SMRT’s Facebook page and asked why there was no announcement from the company.

Alexis Cheong wrote that the track fault was at Newton but cannot be confirmed due to the lack of official announcement.

Keen Mak’s tweet, together with Debbie Louise Ng’s above, seem to imply that this kind of delay seemed to happen every day lately: