Source: Michelle Chong Facebook page.

SBS Transit apologizes for “Marry Christmas” typo mistake

Commuters caught a mistake shown on a display board at an MRT station entrance that wished commuters a “Marry Christmas”.

The image captured by Ms Michelle Chong was shared on her Facebook account and on Whatsapp.

Responding to Channel News Asia queries, spokesperson for Transport operator SBS Transit apologised on behalf of the company, saying, “We are very sorry for the error in spelling and have corrected it. We hope this has not marred the festivities for any of our commuters.”

Netizens made fun of the spelling mistake.

Ms Michelle wrote on her post, saying, “Well, not sure if I love Christmas THAT much. Besides, I only have 3 min to decide.”

Mr Terence Ng responded to her post.

“No michelle, you might have more than an hour to decide in case it breaks down,” he wrote.

Joe Goh wrote, “Follow your heart. Sometimes the best decisions don’t require that much time for contemplation.”

An almost similar mistake took place at Malaysia Airport, where a sign wishing travellers a “Mary Christmas” at Kota Bharu airport was displayed.

Source: Danny Chang.

Malaysia Airports has since posted its apology on its Facebook page, saying, “We have received numerous feedback on the erroneous Christmas bunting that was put up, specifically, at the Kota Bharu airport.”

It noted that the bunting has been removed immediately upon discovering the error last night.

“We wish to assure you that this does not involve any other airports. Thank you for your concern in highlighting the matter to us. We extend our apologies, and wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,” it stated.