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Singaporeans needs to be pushed to take risks or opportunities

by Chris Kuan

The Randstand Global Work Monitor which was partially reported in the Straits Times makes interesting reading about the work mentality of Singaporeans.

59% love to entrepreneur because it gives them more opportunities and yet only 32% would consider leaving their own jobs to start a biz.

71% would love to be an entrepreneur but to them the risk of failure is too big, well above the global 57%. However, we are one of the highest who felt the government support start-ups.

Among Asian countries surveyed, Singapore is at the low end of mobility, below Japan, India, HK, on par with Malaysia and above China. But mobility is broadly unchanged or lower over this decade.

Singapore has one of the highest job change in the world (i.e. the number reported no change in position or employers in last 6 months). Only India, Malaysia and Hong Kong beat us. Countries will the least job change are the advanced economies of Europe and Japan.

On the other hand, Singaporeans also have one of the highest appetite for job change – only 5 countries beat us.

Unsurprisingly, job satisfaction in Singapore is 4th lowest in the world.

Singaporeans are also below global average for taking responsibility for upgrading own skills.

In my humble opinion, it seems to gel with what most feel about work in Singapore, But it also show Singaporeans needs to be pushed get them to take risks or opportunities. On the other hand, the risk of failure is extraordinary high and have said it often before, this is mostly due to the lack of social safety net.

Incidentally, I had a Facebook chat with a Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy research fellow yesterday, we thought Singapore or Singaporean have a make a quick buck, instant gratification mentality at the expense of attention to details and upgrading – this also seems to be born out by this survey.