Shocking experience of bank account being fraudulently charged $1,300 in one day by UBER

An UBER customer, Jenna Lim posted a Facebook post on Sunday (19 November) describing how a huge amount of fees was charged to her bank account via UBER just in one day, transactions which were not made by her.

On her post, Lim said she woke up with a shock after spotting a negative amount in her bank account. Checking on her transactions, she found out that all transactions were made from Uber and made in USD.

More than 30 transactions were made from 13 November amounting to a total of more than $1,300. Lim commented that it would have been worse if she did not check her bank statement.

“Just five days and $1,300 was gone. Wow! I can’t believe that Uber’s privacy security is so bad.” she wrote.

She noted that she believes someone from the US has hacked into Uber’s security system and attained her bank account info.

On Tuesday (21 Nov), UBER Chief Executive Dara Khosrowshahi revealed that hackers compromised personal data from some 57 million riders and drivers in a breach kept hidden for a year and Uber Singapore just announced that it is in the process of notifying various regulatory and government authorities.

Lim noted that she cannot even delete the card payment in Uber Account. “This is super ridiculous. So friends, please try to use cash to pay for your trips instead. Guys, please be careful when adding your debit or credit card to Uber Account,” she warned.

She ended her post by saying, “Lost all my trust in Uber already. Really shocking experience.”

On Monday at 6.45 pm, Lim updated that Uber has reached out to her and they mentioned that they will be reviewing this incident and having this problem resolved. However, there has been no update to the status on the Facebook post yet.

By the time this article is being written, more than 4,600 people have shared the post and more than 1,100 netizens commented on this issue. Many commented that they experienced the same thing with UBER.

Jason Goh wrote, “Happened to me as well. My card details was stolen and used on Uber rides in some foreign countries. I received some sms from Uber to perform phone verification which i find it suspicious. After checking my online statement, saw the charges of Uber rides in some foreign currency. Called bank immediately, void card and bank eventually void charges.”

Aaron Tan wrote, “Yes, I got this problem too when Uber put their hands into the till on their own. When I added a card to Uber application, immediately I was deducted a fee. I had to call my bank to get a charge back and get the money back. So much hassles. And they dun have any customer service department.”

Eileen Chan wrote, “Same thing happened to me just yesterday between 3am – 6am. With amounts totalling up to CAD230.”

Loti Loti wrote, “I experienced the same issue as well. Just that my transactions were done in Russian Dollars. I quickly called up to Citibank to cancel my credit card and terminated my Uber account.”

Ah John wrote, “I had this before. $400 was deducted from my bank from Uber and the trip was at Russia.”

Jane Bek wrote, “That’s ridiculous. Be careful when making electronic payment. I had encountered that too via my credit card it transacted in UK and USA when I’m in Singapore.”

Caudia Sim wrote, “I had the same incident too. I deleted off my account liao. I now only using grab. So far I had no issue with grab. I nowadays check every ride and the amount reflected in my credit card.”

Khairul Izwan wrote, “Fake ride scam. Happen to me before, and it can happen on various apps including airbnb.”

Wzhl Thl wrote, “Encountered same thing. Check your receipt from Uber. Amount deducted from Uber BV are fraud payments. If rides taken from Singapore will shown as Uber SG.”

Ming Woon wrote, “My husband bank account was missing more than $500 from POSB GO debit card, it was not shown on his statement, it was directly “withdraw” from the bank system via a website. And the bank is still “investigating””

Daphne Maya Lou wrote, “Yep. I just got it too. Also similar total sum, but my charges were made in the UK. Still trying to resolve it.”

Suvasini Thashamamurthi wrote, “I had same incident where they overcharge me multiple times and I stopped using Uber once and for all ever since. So difficult to get hold of their customer care also.”

Jessie Wang wrote, “Happened to me as well last month! Have you called DBS to ask them to help cancel the card and do a replacement? They will investigate and return the money within 21 working days.”

Nick Low wrote, “I encountered it last year. More than $3,000 worth of transactions. The bank waived it off.”

Sarah Chong Lee wrote, “Be careful, my husband credit card was unknowingly used in Europe for multiple Uber transactions. My husband didn’t travel at all, and the last transaction made on the card was ordering via Deliveroo. Luckily the bank was fast to alert my husband and immediately cancelled the card. A total of $600++ pounds was charge to the card.”

Siti Nur Hidayah wrote, “I experience this recently. And they initially insist I check around if I have family or friend tagging in my account.”

Lim H Min wrote, I experienced the same issue somewhere around April or May. Lucky for me, my bank called me up to confirm if the transaction was done by me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t knew my card was misused.
Same as you, the transaction was done to pay to Uber in the US as well but the amount was not as big as yours. Mine escalated up to nearly SGD$700. I got back my money in like 3-4 months time.”

Md Syahmirrulazim wrote, “Was a victim too! Mine was $2,700. There is a way to get the refund and expedite the process. I got back my half of the amount within 2 weeks and remaining balance the following week. Every cent of it.”

Forest Lim wrote, “Same as mine. My POSB bank account has been hacked. And amount deducted by Uber trip in other currency as well. Really disappointed to POSB bank. Until now they haven’t refund to me after I called few calls to them.”

Aung Naing Oo wrote, “Same things happened in my debit card on 1st November. All transactions were made from Uber with amount is in GBP.”

Ted Tan wrote, “You can delete your credit card info but you will have to get them to delete your account altogether. Happened to me and now I can’t use Uber anymore. Just as well. Taxis are cheaper anyway. It was precisely for this same exact reason for my desperate attempt in deleting my credit card from my Uber account.”

Darryl Pay wrote, “Happened to me also. I emailed Uber 3 weeks ago till now no reply.”

Annie Aini Ooi wrote, “Please give the bank a call. They will refund your money in 4-6 weeks. I’ve kena before many months back from Uber. Email Uber no point. No action.”

Isabella Joy Mamauag wrote, “Same thing happened to me, but the amount is in Euro. Thank God the bank traced it and returned all my money.”

Khairul Izwan wrote, “Are you using POSB debit card ? Because I kena already. All my savings gone also. Opened up dispute with Uber transactions.”

Terence Tay wrote, “Call the bank!! mine too had the same issue 3 weeks ago. total of 13 transactions and S$460+ deducted from my debit card. And when I called the bank, the friendly teller actually tell me its norm from Uber. she also had the same issue. You should be able to get back your money in 2-4 weeks time.”

Enimsaj Jas wrote, “I have that experience. If I’m not wrong same date as well. Email to Uber customer support and they can’t even do anything about it. Police report have made. Change card also have done.”

Lai J9insen wrote, “Please deactivate credit/debit cards usage for oversea usage when you are back in Singapore even if you travel frequently. Make a police report and inform POSB. You might be able to crawl back those money if you have evidence to prove that you are in Singapore between those date.”

Cherrie Anne Lian wrote, “Oh my gosh.. Thank you for sharing Jenna! I also tried to delete my card from Uber but they didn’t allow it cause it’s the “only active payment”. Gonna cancel that card instead. Thanks Jenna and I hope you get all of your lost $$ back!”

Some wrote that they have trust issue with Uber.

Alan Charles Yap wrote, “That’s why never trust Uber. And I heard their customer service support really sucks.
I rather trust the good old Comfort Delgro taxis. It’s like 老字号 in the taxi industry.”

Ong ZhangFang wrote, “Uber now. Even the price range given to you is fake when you add one more destination. So much trust issues now. I am so disappointed with Uber.”

Mr Micheal Lim commented that this is so much for a country which hopes to be cashless.

He wrote, “If this article is true then this is what I call “Smart Nation” everything go cashless and reality our money in the bank will be cashless sooner due to scam. I rather pay cash.”

Some stated that this is not the issue with Uber as they do experience the same thing while not connecting with Uber.

Joys Foo wrote, “It has nothing to do with Uber I believe. Because I didn’t put my card in Uber app. But I kena this as well.”

Amin wrote, “Btw, it’s not Uber problem. My friend doesn’t use Uber/Grab. Still got deductions from overseas for Uber. She doesn’t even do online transactions using card. Amazing how her card details goes overseas.”

Shankar Ramachandran wrote, “Hi, I had this similar incident happened to me as well recently. I called my DBS bank, terminated my card immediately and went to see my constituency MP to report the breach in the bank’s security system. This cannot be happening in our most reliable bank! Is the security system in our banks could be breached easily? If that’s the case, nobody will have the trust in this bank especially. Do approach your MP and relate the incident to him and trust me the banks will react faster than you can imagine or else they will take their own sweet time with their so called investigations up to 60 days. I understand your depression and the mental ordeal you are going through now. Don’t you think the banks should compensate you for your stress?”

Shazzie n matnor wrote, “It’s not just UBER. It’s a small risk that comes with the convenience of debit cards. Please check your accounts frequently for these unauthorised transactions. Immediately report to merchant, in this case, Uber or your bank to help you put a stop to this. “

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