Writ of Election issued for Reserved Presidential Election 2017

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has issued the Writ of Election for the Presidential Election on Monday afternoon. The date of nomination day for candidates in the election is set on 13 September. The nomination will be held at the auditorium of the People’s Association, 9 King George’s Avenue.

As announced in Parliament earlier this year, the upcoming Presidential Election will be a Reserved Election for the Malay community.

To be nominated as a candidate, the prospective candidate must deliver his/her Nomination Paper accompanied by the:

i. Certificate of Eligibility;
ii. Community Certificate certifying that he/she belongs to the Malay community; and
iii. Political Donation Certificate.

Application forms to apply for the above certificates can be obtained from the Elections Department during office hours or from its website. The applications for the Certificate of Eligibility and the Community Certificate must reach the Elections Department not later than 4 September 2017 (Monday), 5 pm. Applications for the Political Donation Certificate must reach the Elections Department not later than 9 September 2017 (Saturday), 1 pm.

So far, all three candidates who have voiced their interest in standing for the upcoming Presidential Election–Mdm Halimah Yacob, Mr Farid Khan and Mr Salleh Marican–have submitted their forms to the Election department.

The prospective candidates are also to deliver their Nomination Paper and certificates in duplicate, in person together with his/her proposer, seconder and at least four assentors to the Returning Officer at the Nomination Place between 11 am and 12 noon on Nomination Day.

In addition, there will be a new form for candidates to voluntarily undertake that they will conduct their election campaign in a manner that is dignified, decorous and consistent with the President’s position as the Head of State and the symbol of national unity. The form can be obtained from the Elections Department during office hours or from its website. Signed undertakings will be put up on the notice board, together with the Nomination Paper and certificates, during nomination proceedings on Nomination Day. Each candidate is to deposit a sum of $43,500 for the election deposit, which must be paid no later than 12 noon on Nomination Day.

In the situation where more than one candidate stands nominated on Nomination Day, the Returning Officer will declare 23 September 2017 (Saturday) to be Polling Day. If not, the sole nominated candidate will be declared as the President of Singapore as in the case of President Nathan in both his elections.

Under the law, Polling Day at any Presidential election shall be a public holiday. Every employer shall, on Polling Day, allow every elector in his employ a reasonable period of time for voting.