PM Lee clarifies that his National Day Message was not shot in front of a green screen

In this year’s National Day Message delivered by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, he is seen standing in front of the Marina Bay Sand and Garden by the Bay, both iconic buildings of Singapore to the international community.

Due to the harsh lighting and the green carpet seen beneath Mr Lee, many questioned if he was indeed standing at the actual location or was PM Lee situated in a studio in front of a green screen. Examples of this can be seen in Channel News Asia’s posting of the message on 8 August which attracted a number of commentators to voice their disbelief.

Arthur Jared Jayaseelan wrote, “It’s a backdrop confirm if it was live nobody will be walking and the same red Cycling guy can be seen 20′ times.”

Saiful Sufian Sufandi wrote, “Looks like in a studio.. with air con and green carpet. Birds somehow was ordered to fly behind him.”

Mitja Glušič wrote, “Haha…he is in studio with background projection…not on the spot that he is claiming to be….but still 90% of watchers will ‘buy’ it 😉

Derrick Ong Sounds like a tour guide. Thanks for introducing sg to the fts with this fake garden by the bay video. Guess they will apply for pr n citizens soon n hit ur 6.9 million target. Gd job!

On 10 August, PM Lee wrote in response to a comment about the video being shot in front of a green screen on his Facebook page

It’s not a green screen. My children asked me the same question. 🙂

We were recording on location at Bay East Garden at sunrise. Mediacorp set up extra lighting to brighten up the foreground. Maybe that’s why the background looks like a backdrop.

There are lots of scenic spots in Singapore, you need only to wake up early and venture out to discover them!

and shared a photo of him taking a photo at the spot where the video was taken.