Maritime veteran announces his intention to stand for President in upcoming reserved election

Maritime veteran announces his intention to stand for President in upcoming reserved election

Mr Farid Khan bin Kaim Khan, 62, has officially announced his intention to stand as a candidate in the upcoming Presidential election which is reserved for Malay candidates.

Mr Khan is currently the chairman of Bourbon Offshore Asia and the founder of an undersea operation firm, Bumi Subsea. Back in 2005, Mr Khan was the partner to Bourbon Offshore; the largest offshore oil & gas marine provider in the world. The two teamed up in the joint-venture known as Bourbon Offshore Asia Pte Ltd which today is one of the leading players in the region.

Mr Khan who describes himself as a caring person is of Pakistani descent and his wife is of Arabic descent. He regards his family as part of a larger Malay community as his family speak Malay and practice the Malay culture. He has two children, a 24-year-old daughter, and an 18-year-old son. For those who are asking whether Mr Khan is a local Singaporean, he states that he was born in 1955 in the heartlands of Geylang Serai.

Mr Khan is supported by friends from the maritime sector who will act as his advisors.

In his media address, Mr Khan said that he wishes to serve the country which he feels capable of doing so with his knowledge and ability. Hoping to set the country towards a just, caring and compassionate society.

He expressed his concern with the growing threat of radicalism and said that he would work closely with the Government and various organizations to resolve this issue. He would also like to strengthen the trust among the people regardless of race and religion.

Mr Khan also expressed his desire to help the needy to strengthen Singapore’s social fabric. When asked about his involvement in charity work, Mr Khan said that he has been doing social work with many individuals including youths, stating that sometimes people know that he is helping out, sometimes they don’t.

He then said that he would want to address matters such as job creation, from the maritime sector and to other sectors. While he understands that there is a fine line between what a president can do and cannot do which is established in the constitution. However, as an independent and non-partisan individual who is not affiliated with any political parties, he believes that his concerns are definitely also the government’s concerns. He is currently serving as Chairman of the Carrers@Maritime Steering Committee, an initiative being organized by Mendaki SENSE which aims to increase awareness amongst Singaporeans of careers within maritime industry and increasing number of Singaporeans being employed within the industry.

When asked why contest now, Mr Khan replied by saying, “Why not?” He said that he had initially thought of going for retirement but since there is such an opportunity to serve the country, he decided to take up the biggest challenge in his life and he has the support from his wife and family.

Expressing the lack of concern in going head to head with a candidate who is supported by the establishment, Mr Khan believes that he will be able to qualify under the new stringent criteria that require one to be head of a company with $500 million shareholders equity and holds the view that the $500 million shareholders equity may be too high as not many can qualify under this criteria.

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