Source : Chong Peng Cheng Twitter account.

SMRT announces delay along East-West line along Jurong East and Joo Koon, CCL and NSL also experience delay but unannounced

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) posted on Wednesday (5 July) at 7.02 pm on its Twitter page that its East-West Line from Jurong East to Joo Koon towards Joo Koon was experiencing delay and commuters were asked to add 15 minutes additional travelling time.

It also noted that train service was still available.

At 7.07 pm, SMRT asked commuters to add 10 minutes additional travelling time.

At 7.24 pm, SMRT stated that the fault has cleared and trains are progressively back to normal speed.

@ocean7seas tweeted that the delay was not 30 minutes. He stated that it was 30 minutes delay and he was still stuck inside the train by the time the tweet was posted.

As usual, the timing of the announcement is later than the actual time where the delay occur. But commuters feedback that even stations at City hall experienced delays.

Some also complained as the delay always occurs during peak hours.

While SMRT announced that train fault at Joo Koon has been cleared at 7.29pm and that trains are progressively back to normal speed, the reality on the ground seemed to be exact the opposite way.

According to Chong Peng Cheng @pcscorpio who took the photo at 7.39pm, passengers were forced to alight at Clementi Station.

He said that SMRT did not explain what happened but only suddenly announced that the last stop became Clementi instead of Joo Koon after moving off from Dover Station.

Circle Line (CCL) and NSL also experiences delay

During rush hour this afternoon, at around 6.15 pm, Twitter users complained that the CCL also experiencing delay by the time SMRT tweeted about the delay on its EWL.

@s0resould tweeted that the trains on CCL are not even coming.

At 6.17 pm, Aiman Amin posted a picture of OneNorth Station along CCL showing people waited in line for the trains.

Kailas K. Damle also posted a picture of the situation at Buona Vista Station at 6.30 pm, where the station looked packed with commuters who are waiting for the train.

Fadzly and Jimmyliew also poested their complaints towards CCL on their Twitter account, stating that the train frequency was slow.

Meanwhile, Aasim Saeed, asked SMRT what is wrong with its train on Bishan on its North-South Line (NSL) as passengers are full until the basement.