Minister K Shanmugam challenges Lee Hsien Yang to have a lawyer to write to him for his response

In yet another episode in the ongoing Lee family saga, Minister of Home Affairs and Law, K Shanmugam has just issued a rebuttal on his Facebook page to Mr Lee Hsien Yang’s earlier post, noting that there is a clear conflict of interest by the Minister to be involved in the committee formed to deliberate on the government’s decision in regards to the property at 38 Oxley Road, where Mr Lee Hsien Yang’s late father,  Lee Kuan Yew once lived.

Mr Lee had highlighted that he and his sister were not given the list of the committee when they had asked for it, and were only informed through Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean’s statement issued on Saturday late afternoon.

Mr Lee Hsien Yang had written in his post that he and his sister had expressed specific concerns on the possible membership of Mr K Shanmugam and his conflict of interest having advised Lee Kuan Yew and the two on options to help achieve Lee Kuan Yew’s wishes, and the drafting of the demolition wish.

In his post, Mr Lee attached a screenshot of an email which shows Dr Lee Weiling writing to Minister K Shanmugam on the matter of 38 Oxley Road in July 2011.

“This represents a clear conflict of interest. When we raised this in writing, we were brushed off by Lawrence Wong with “Nothing you have stated precludes any member of the Cabinet from taking part in the Committee’s work or its deliberations, with the exception of the Prime Minister.” wrote Mr Lee

Mr K Shanmugan wrote that there are dozens of Cabinet Committees set up on a variety of matters. Some are permanent, some are temporary and that their composition is not public and they report to the Cabinet.

He then challenges Mr Lee Hsien Yang to get a lawyer to write to him for his response.

“I am well aware of the rules of conflict, having been in practice for over 22 years. The suggestion that I am in conflict is ridiculous. If Mr Lee Hsien Yang seriously believes that I was in conflict, he can get a lawyer to write to me and I will respond.” wrote Mr K Shanmugan.

He further added, “I was already a Cabinet Minister when I spoke with some members of the Lee family — at their behest — and gave them my views. They were not my clients. Nothing that I said then precludes me from serving in this Committee.”

Mr K Shanmugan believes that he is sure most Singaporeans are sick and tired about these endless allegations, which are quite baseless. Noting that the government has serious business to attend to relating to the welfare of Singaporeans.