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Petition for stay of execution for Muhammad Ridzuan rejected by Singapore President

Human rights lawyer, M Ravi has shared that the President of Singapore, Mr Tony Tan rejected his petition for a stay of execution for death row inmate, Muhammad Ridzuan bin Mohd Ali, 32. Mr Ravi was informed by the principal private secretary to the president via a letter to him on Thursday evening.

In his petition that was submitted on Thursday morning, Mr Ravi wrote the the impending execution of Ridzuan is not only unlawful under Articles 9(1) and 12 of the Singapore Constitution, but is also in breach of customary international law.

He noted that if the Singapore government has decided to wait for the outcome of the decision in the Malaysian Courts in respect of two other death row inmates, Prabagaran and Datchinamurthy, it must then stay the execution of Ridzuan.

He then asked that the President to convene a Constitutional Tribunal under Article 100 of the Singapore Constitution so that judges can determine the constitutionality of the warrant of execution.

Earlier On Wednesday, 17 May 2017, Muhammad Ridzuan’s clemency appeal against his capital charge to the President was rejected.

He will be due to hang tomorrow morning, Friday, 19 May 2017, at 6am.