Screengrab from Kenneth Haw's video

Cyclist goes against traffic light, almost gets hit by oncoming car

A viral video with about 70,000 views posted on Ben Chia Lor – Singapore Road page attracted wrath for a cyclist’s reckless road sense.

The 47 seconds video showed the driver, Kenneth Haw, nearly hitting a cyclist, who dashed across the road even when the traffic lights were not green for pedestrians.

Screengrab from Kenneth Haw’s video

Kenneth Haw, who is driving on the first lane of a two-lane road stopped just in time to let the cyclist, who emerged suddenly from his left, past.

It is clear from the video that Haw’s vision was probably blocked from the taxi on the left, who also stopped, to give way to the cyclist.

According to the time stamp of the video, it happened on 14 May, at around 6.55pm.

While some commended on Haw’s safe driving sense, most was filled with anger at the the cyclist’s lack of attention.

Many expressed their frustration at how the cyclist was not apologetic, and that the circumstances would have been different if Haw hadn’t braked in time, or if it was a cement truck instead.

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