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Singapore Customs alerts new email scams acting as its official demanding for personal information or money

Singapore Customs (SC) has alerted members of the public of new scams from impostors acting as customs officials demanding confidential personal information or money.

Singapore Customs stated that the person requests the recipients to do one of the following:

  • Open an email link or file attachment.
  • Transfer a sum of money to accounts belonging to an individual.
  • Provide bank account details.
  • Provide confidential personal information such as identification numbers, passwords and/or credit card numbers.

Singapore Customs clarifies that such emails were not sent by its officers.

“Singapore Customs does not ask for confidential personal information through emails nor do we send official correspondence from personal email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or other unofficial email domains,” it stated.

Singapore Customs stressed that it takes a serious view of such impersonation incidents as they undermine public trust in its department and it has since referred the matter to the Police for investigation.

It advises members of the public who have received such impersonation emails to do the following:

  • Ignore the email and do not follow the sender’s instructions.
  • Do not click on any link or open any file attachment(s) in the email as the content may be malicious.
  • Do not provide your name, NRIC number, passport details, contact details, bank account or credit card details, or other personal details to the sender.

If in doubt, please contact Singapore Customs at [email protected] to verify the authenticity of any correspondence you received from Singapore Customs.