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Beeline – Singapore’s first crowdsourced bus services

Local bus sharing app, Beeline SG, has slowly been gaining momentum in Singapore since its launch in August 2015.

The crowdsourced bus services app allows commuters to either suggest a route that other commuters can “hop” on if they’re going to places around the same destination, or alternatively suggest a route to see if there are enough people who want to reach the same destination.

Based in Singapore, the demand-driven shared transit service aims to bring commuters directly to their destination with the help of mobile technology and analytics.

The initiative was introduced by GovTech and LTA in 2015, and over the course of one year, have worked with reliable bus operators and organisations to initiate new routes, serving commuters all across the island.

Commuters are guaranteed a seat on the bus they booked, regardless of where they board along the route. The bus service allows commuters to book a seat on the bus at least one day before they ride the Beeline bus service, and they are allowed to use their rides up to the last day of the following month. The fuss-free payment method is via PayPal or Credit Card, and the cost will be reflected on the screen of the route commuters choose to take.

Choices are also available for commuters who choose to use a package ride of 5 times a week, in which the cost would be 20% cheaper than single trip rides five days in a row. A Beeline e-ticket is saved in the app upon successful payment.

On its Facebook page, Beeline SG, the demand-driven bus service provides regular updates on activated routes around the island, where commuters can select their drop-off and pick-up points.

To download the app, commuters can refer to the links below:
For iOS Devices:
For Android Devices:

Source: Beeline SG

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