Man tackled down by police and auxiliary officers at Changi Airport

Police officers and auxiliary officers were forced to tackle down an individual at Changi Airport last night. An onlooker, Tan Ivy, shared videos of the incident that happened at around 12.45am.

Initially, two police officers and two auxillary officers tried to get the individual to obey orders. The man became uncooperative and started to aggressively resist them.

Soon after, there were four other police officers surrounding the man, five of whom tackled him down. One of the police officers was seen striking the man with a baton, after he was down.

The moment where the officer struck the man with his baton can be seen here:

It is not known why the man was being uncooperative, or why he was called out by the officers.

Comments on both videos by netizens were a mixed of admiration and doubt. While some cheered for the final success of the officers, a few questioned the use of force against a suspect who is already pinned down.

Dennis Goh wrote, “Good job SPF, so many keyboard warriors, doesn’t matter how many officers is needed to take down one guy, as Long as they did their job, and they got head home safely to their love one. Side note, it’s never easy to take down one that is violent”. 

Erik Min, on the other hand, had an opposing view, “Did one of them just swipe his night stick at the guy? Why is he holding onto his night stick anyway”.

Other netizens also had differing views:












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