Early train delays experienced on both NSL and EWL

Early train delays experienced on both NSL and EWL

North-South Line (NSL) and East-West Line (EWL) experienced disruption during the morning rush hour on Friday (21 April).
Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) announced at 5.30 am that there was no train service between Yishun and Bishan due to a train fault, adding that free regular bus service was available between the two stations.

An hour after its first tweet, SMRT said that the estimated resumption time would be at around 5.50am.

A moment later, it tweeted that the estimation resumption time was extended to 6am.

Complaints were posted by commuters on social media platforms.
@GRKAS wrote that there was a very long queue at Bukit Batok with no announcement made by SMRT.

@PIKACHUNNNNN wrote that the staff told commuters that the horrible crowd was due to peak hours.

Long after SMRT announced that the train service had resumed, Richard Jang wrote that the Yishun escalator just re-opened due to overcrowding on the platform.

2 hours after the train had resumed normal service, @sephblue said that the train was stopping every other minute. He noted that it took him half and hour to get from Yishun and Bishan.

There was no official announcement from SMRT regarding the delay which occurred along EWL, however.
Aleena tweeted that it took her 10 minutes to go from Jurong East to Clementi, adding that the train stopped for five minutes at Queenstown.

Kenneth Lee asked SMRT to put up notice regarding the delay.

Hasif wrote that he had to queue for 30 minutes at Bedok interchange.

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