NMP Kuik Shiao-Yin speech during Budget Debate praised by netizens, saying Singapore needs more politicians who serve with heart

Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) Kuik Shiao-Yin delivered a speech during Budget Debate on 1 March 2017, which was posted on Love Singapore Facebook fanpage on 7 March.

The post has been shared for more than 8,500 times by the time the article is written and as much as 490 comments were written on the post.

Many of the netizens said that the speech was very inspirational, adding that it has been so many years that they did not hear such powerful message during the Parliament.

Read the full speech here

Most of them said that the truth has finally spoken and hope that the Government has to do things differently before citizens lose all their trust and hope to them.

Here, TOC took 20 comments which reflected all the others:

  • Don Tan wrote, “You can put it in repeat mode for infinity, is the intended audience listening with heart or hearing with their ears? It’s a wonderful speech, I agree and support but useless if it falls on deaf ears..”
  • Wong Boon Hon wrote, “Finally someone is teaching our highly rational government the PR skill they are so lack of.
    While our government has always been honest and capable, amazing with numbers and run the economy well, they often cannot connect to the ground and feel for the poor due to their elitist intellectual.
    Their lack of compassion and their distrust to use their heart to feel for its people and to start seeing them as human beings rather than just numbers to be calculated.
    Their overly simplistic policies that focus on efficiency but perceived as unfair to the receivers, and their lack of flexibility to deal with exceptional cases with their intellect but a heartless system.
    Beside building up our monetary currency, they need to put in more effort into building up our trust currency as well. Because trust is what unite a nation where the government and its people work as one. Trust is what that keep us strong even when ur economy is not doing well. And the thing is, trust cannot by brought by money at all.
    On the other hand, everyone has a part to play in nation building. We cannot depend and rely on our government to solve all our problems as well. And helping the poor is not our government responsibility alone.
    It is irresponsible for us to push our responsibility to take care of our own families, our fellow Singaporeans or even mistreated foreigners to our government alone. The least we can do is to support the increase in taxes so that our government has the funding to help the disadvantaged.
    But for that to happen, our government must help its people to trust in them first. And for those who have lost their trust in us and wanted to leave the country. Help them to trust and stay. I have seen too much ultra white asking them to leave instead.”
  • Francis Lor wrote, “To say this is a good speech alone is not doing justice to the speaker, for I could feel the passion in her voice. Passion is so greatly missing in our garmen these days that I just do not bother with their news. I sincerely hope this young lady will be able to meet a difference for our country.”
  • Mohd Nizar Rahim wrote, “True. I gave up on government donkey years ago. No point asking for help from this or that or whichever officer especially no point going to MPs for help. Sick of it. Been there done that. Don’t waste your time. Minorities are human beings. Don’t replace us with people who look like locals and pretend that everything is alright. One day that child in the basement will be the loudest voice.”
  • Cheang Chee Ming wrote, “This is one of the best speeches I have ever heard in Parliament, much better than the sometimes heard petty name calling and snide comments that adds no value to the debate of where we truly believe the country needs to be. A good wake-up call. More heart is needed.”
  • Zulkarnain Hasan wrote, “Why isn’t she an MP? But then again, I rather she doesn’t become one. Then she’ll be part of the broken system. The change has to start from the outside. Because the inside rot can’t be fixed.”
  • Luke Chan wrote, “She sound very emotional (don’t know if it is her voice or what), but is truth spoken from the ground. Nice speech. Yes, maybe her speech cannot change anything, but something must be said. Something must be said to bring more ppl to causes that she may drive as well.
    It’s not about “her speech changing anything NOW” but “making change step at a time”.”
  • Kim Hong wrote, “Well said! Please do not use this as a political attack.
    The speech is just a reminder and a plea to the government also to be more compassionate to the Singaporeans’ needs and difficulties, not just the numbers and figures of Singapore.
    And as for those who are criticising the 69% or the government itself, instead of pointing fingers, perhaps we too can also help the cause, and help those who are currently drowning. That is supporting NMP Kuik Shiao-Yin’s speech.”
  • Ngan Wei Liang wrote, “I have not heard a more heartfelt speech for a very long time. I do sincerely hope this isn’t just a speech but an aspiration to working towards a better governance.”
  • Diana Saad wrote, “Thank you. Your speech moved me to tears. I hope the Government are moved too and do something about it before we all lose trust in them. Time and again we put our trust in them but why do we often feel betrayed. My trust is wearing thin and someday, I may just choose an alternative Govt regardless if they are good or bad because the current one is just as bad.”
  • Thomas Tan Yiok Tuan wrote, “Fantastic speech. After living for half a century, I will never like to listen to an MP speech because they never care for the drowning and the child in the basement. For once, I listen attentively to NMP Ms Kuik’s speech. She speaks for the people. I like her to come to my area to be my MP.”
  • Fyona Heng wrote, “Finally someone who understand the reality of life and is willing to speak for the marginalised. Hope this is a wake-up call to the rest sitting in the cabinet. Make policies and decisions that we will trust that you are sincere and truly care about us. Not one that will make us think you are just pulling votes. It’s not easy but you have to do it.”
  • Jack Sim wrote,”Shiao-yin Kuik congrats for the Gumption to speak so honestly in a parliament that lacks such voices.
    I trust my government but I wonder why my government doesn’t trust me? I want to contribute but my bureaucrats saw me not as an asset but as a threat to be eliminated.
    Why is it that if an Angmo like Gary Hamel said: “Bureaucracy must die” he is seen as correct and if I say the same thing I risk going to jail here?
    Singapore is like a girl that I love who don’t love me. I could not run away from her. But my unrequited love tears my heart into pieces every day.
    The meltdown of trust is today only one way: the people still trust the government but the government still don’t trust the people.
    But if this mode continues the distrust will be both ways. And that’s the end as you feared.”
  • Lim Hock Beng wrote, “What an outstanding speech, great speak that put all MP to shame. An NMP have these kinds of standards, why can’t those MP have this standard. Well done! It’s not about 70%, not about 30%, it’s just we should behave as Singaporeans that should be treated fairly. Think about what she say. We going to have a new PM or President just like what MM lee have done for us.”
  • Cheng Pei Hsia wrote, “About time someone spoke for us, to tell them to wake up. They are too comfortable with the high salary that they have forgotten us. They are thinking for their own pocket and not us citizen. They gave citizenship to people who are just using us as a stepping stone or who can vote for them. Why must we have another 3.5 million people just to boost the economy? We would have liked to give birth more but just not able to provide well for the children. We don’t have a big salary like the ministers. 1 minute you say make time for the family, another minute you increase all the fees and say it is to justify the increasing cost. When you people knows that there are profits in those companies. Thank you, Ms Kuik. YOU HAVE MY VOTE.”
  • Timothy Cheng wrote, “Come on people this is not just “speech”. It’s a reflection and reminder for everyone not to take trust for granted. Without Singaporean who’s gonna pay for the resources? You ministers?
    You can increase the housing, tax or any kind of resources of monetary to two times more or three times more who’s gonna pay for it? Without the human living in this country is just like an empty egg shell.
    Don’t push the ppl trust to the limit! We still have time! But you can never buy back the time. Therefore, your decision is very crucial.”
  • Aileen Azim wrote, “Outstanding speech indeed. Just look at those faces around her. The faces of a comfort zone which simply don’t care. Probably PAP will hire, brainwash her to be part of them. Nothing personal, just business. As long as they are not drowning then the whole speech will be meaningless to them. God bless Singaporeans.”
  • Foo Arthur wrote, “Takes lots of pride and guts to speak this in the parliament, Well spot on n speak for the majority, the minister should be all shame of them self. Only concern is to enjoy the bonuses and thinking the next great plans to dig money from the people. Unlike this individual holds great respect after delivering the speech. We need more of these people in the parliaments and draw a bigger picture to the minister and understand the people and not brag about how big is the peanut or what size of HDB area to have sex.”
  • Aidil She’s Mad wrote, “Finally someone up there is able to reach for us. Hopefully, her words will be taken into considerations for the government to slow down on building up the currency. Thank you for speaking on the nation’s behalf.”
  • Tony Soh wrote, “How to trust the government when they decided to charge us more for water that every human being need for living? What next? Oxygen? Sunlight? If only money can resolve the rising cost of water processing fee, then we should replace the one useless million dollars MP with a problem reporter.”