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How much social assistance was given to the technician who stole earth cables to sell, in order to pay for medical and school fees?

I refer to the article “Man stole copper wires from mall to pay for wife’s chemotherapy  ” (Today, Mar 8).

It states that “”The 64-year-old …

Salary $1,210 – 2 children, wife with cancer

“Resat, who was then drawing a monthly salary of S$1,210 and also had to provide for his two schoolgoing children, was unable to get help from relatives and friends, and thus forced to default on his utility bills.

Stole to pay wife’s medical bills

Resat would steal “whenever he was financially desperate”, such as when he struggled to pay his wife’s medical bills or his children’s school fees, Mr Ganapathy said.“While (Resat) knew what he was doing was contrary to the law, he could not let his wife’s condition deteriorate,” the lawyer said, adding that Resat had pleaded guilty and co-operated with the authorities during investigations.””

How much help – various assistance schemes?

This case may throw up the following questions:

To what extent, if any, did MediFund help the cancer patient (the accused’s wife)?

To what extent did MediShield Life help?

To what extent did MediSave help?

To what extent did the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) financial assistance schemes help?

To what extent did ComCare help?

To what extent did the Community Development Council’s (CDC) various assistance help?

To what extent did the Social Service Office help?

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