Online petition for harder punishment against sexual predator, reaches more than 20,000 signatures in a day and half


An online petition seeking to redress the sentence of an American, Joshua Robinson for his sex crimes against minors, was initiated made by a member of public, Sarah Woon on 5 March.

Robinson was sentenced last Thursday to four years’ jail for sexually assaulting two teenage girls and filming the assaults. He had pleaded guilty to nine charges: Three for sexually assaulting two 15-year-old girls, five for obscene films and one for showing an obscene film to a six-year-old girl.

Many netizens were angered by the sentence, most saying Robinson should have his sentence heavier than what the court ruled.

Ms Sarah Woon, a parent and an early childhood educator, and also a close friend of the six-year-old’s father, wrote in the petition, “It absolutely breaks my heart and those of all our friends and family.” She started the petition on on to seek more severe punishment for Robinson.

She said, “To everyone who reads this and wishes to exercise your right to protect our children as a parent, a grandparent, an uncle or aunt, and educator... please join this petition to the Prime Minister, Attorney General chambers and the Minister of Law to seek a redress of the sentence for this sexual predator Joshua Robinson.”

Ms Woon also wrote, “Is this message our Singapore Government People’s Action Party is intending to send worldwide: ‘Spray paint our city or slander our government officials and you get it worse off than if you rape and sexually abuse our children?’ Pedophiles will come from far and wide to take advantage of such an incredibly erroneous measure of justice!”



On Tuesday (7 Mar) afternoon, the petition had garnered more than 20,000 supporters.

The father of the six-year-old was among those who signed the petition.

The petition is said to be delivered to Attorney General Chambers.

A quote from the 6-year-old girl’s father Facebook, which has been deleted, was posted on a netizen’s Facebook: "They lock drug abusers up for much longer than 4 years. A marijuana joint could probably get you more than 4 years in SG, but a Child sexual abuser? Just a slap on the wrist! Is this how a government protects their children? Shame on the Singapore judicial system! Shame on the Government!"


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