Maggots crawling on burger patty bought at Hougang interchange food stall


A Facebook user, Noor Nazera, posted a video on her account and a picture of a burger infested with maggots, stating that her father-in-law had bought the burger from a Malay stall at Hougang interchange to Woodlands on 16 February.

Responding to TOC queries, Ms Noor said that her father bought 4 burgers, 6 currypuffs, 1 nasi lemak, and one fruit pickle for $23, adding that the burgers cost $2 each.

Source : Noor Nazera Facebook account.

Source : Noor Nazera Facebook account.

She stressed that the burgers were all ready to be wrapped for the costumers to take away. The burgers were on display. There was no cooking involved at the time of her father's order.

Her father took the food to their home via bus 161. Ms Noor had intended to add some cheese to the burgers for her to give to her child. However, she saw maggots crawling all over the burger when she unwrapped the burger.

Ms Noor said that this was the first time that she had anything from the stall as she lives in Woodlands. Her father was there to meet his friends and he happened to order the food from the stall.

Ms Noor told TOC that she has filed a report to National Environment Agency (NEA) via their website and still waiting for its response by the time the story is being written.