Fertile doesn’t mean frumpy – you can still look amazing & incredible

By ezbuy.sg
Pregnancy can herald a whole slew of firsts – the first time you throw up at the thought of sushi, the first time you cry at a credit card commercial, the first time someone willingly gives up a seat for you on public transport.
Ha! Just joking. That will never happen.
But what is definitely guaranteed to happen is the day when your regular clothes cease to fit your newly burgeoning body. Pregnancy can mean major changes as your boobs swell, your hips widen and your belly expands to accommodate the new life growing inside you.
The problem is that dressing your new bump can be a challenging task. Finding clothes that fit without making you look frumpy can be a difficult task – your regular shopping haunts probably don’t have a maternity line, and specialty maternity stores can be very expensive.
Here’s where online shopping can really help you out. Get the latest outfits, specially designed to accommodate your growing bump, and all for a price that won’t cost your future kid his college fund. Check out our picks for the top pregnancy basics that’ll see you through all three trimesters and beyond.
Dress + leggings
A classic maternity combo is to pair a cute loose bump-skimming dress with supportive leggings. Try this denim dress with soft cashmere leggings, or this bib dress with these tights designed to hug your growing bump.
Classic jeans
Maternity jeans can look particularly hideous on the rack, but once I put mine on, I never wanted to take them off. Pair them with a strappy cami which can also double as a nursing top after you deliver, and throw a cardigan over the top for chilly days.
If you’ve got it, flaunt it
Some moms-to-be love showing off their bump – after all, you’ll never have another chance to be proud of how big your tummy is. I used to feel self-conscious in super tight or fitted clothes, but once my bump started to show, I began to see the appeal of a skin-tight little black dress. Embrace chic with a camisole dress like this that’ll flaunt your new curves.
Yoga pants
Even if you don’t do yoga, trust me, get yourself five pairs of yoga pants. Good ones will stretch with you to 42 weeks gestation and shrink back down to size after baby arrives. You can wear them anywhere, and you can do almost anything in yoga pants: nap, walk, nap, eat, nap, cry. Yoga? Sure, Yoga too.
Beat the heat
The one thing pregnancy books don’t warn you about is just how hot carrying a baby will make you feel. For me, it was about on par with wearing a large fur coat. Look for loose outfits made out of breathable fabrics, like this sun dress or this airy maxi skirt.
Don’t forget fun
Fashion isn’t meant to be serious and that goes double for maternity fashion. Poke a little fun at your condition with a joke T-shirt or two, like this. After all, why should your baby have all the fun?
Being pregnant does not mean you have to temporarily retire from looking amazing. Sure, you might not be able to sleep, you might be sweating like a beast, and you might be a moody lunatic who needs feeding every half an hour, but you can fool everyone by looking incredible despite it all.
Stick with natural fabrics like cotton and bamboo to maximize air flow, and limit the polyester, and you’ll be set for nine fabulous months.
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