A former auxiliary police officer from Certis Cisco, who fired his revolver in a game akin to Russian roulette, was sentenced to five months imprisonment for committing a rash act endangering human life on Thursday (9 February).
Gregory Lai Kar Jun, was then 21, was also found guilty by the Court of two other charges, which are intentionally obstructing the course of justice and lying to the police. He confessed five days after failing a lie detector test.
On 13 August 2015, Lai and his colleague Muhammad Dzul Adhar Azmi were at an observation point at the Checkpoint.
At that moment, Lai, who is currently a GrabCar driver, took out his revolver to play a game similar to Russian roulette.
Lai took four out of five bullets of his gun and spun the chamber. He pressed the trigger once, but nothing happened. The second time, the bullet fired. After that, Lai immediately put the four remaining bullets to the chamber.
Lai found the used bullet and told Dzul his idea, which Dzul agreed, to put a bullet in a toilet bowl and claim he had lost two bullets while using the toilet.
Lai then hid the used bullet in a traffic wand and went to the portable toilet where he disposed of a different bullet in the toilet bowl. Later, he reported the matter to the operations room.
While, Dzul retrieved the used bullet from the traffic wand and placed it in his cigarette box, which he threw into the Bedok Reservoir at around 2 am the next day.
Police officers conducted their investigation and tried to look for the bullet at around 8.50pm that day, in which Dzul and Lai also took part in the search.
Dzul had been convicted on 21 October 2016 for committing a rash act and was sentenced to three weeks imprisonment and fined $2,000 or one week’s jail in default for failing to report the case to the Police.
As for Lai, he faces up to six months’ jail and a fine for a rash act endangering human life. He also faces up to seven years’ jail and a fine for obstructing the course of justice, and up to a year’s jail and a fine for lying to the police.

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