Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) Taxis has announced the roll-out of Singapore’s first taxi sharing schem26e, the SMRT Taxi Share.
SMRT Taxis said that the it will progressively roll-out taxis at selected locations in Singapore for rent to drivers with a valid Taxi Driver Vocational Licence (TDVL).
It said that qualified drivers will be able to rent the taxis in three-hourly blocks by picking up and returning the taxi at a location that is convenient to them. This offers drivers an affordable short-term rental option that is currently unavailable within the taxi industry.
Under SMRT Taxi Share, it said that taxi drivers will not be required to purchase season parking for the rented vehicle nor have to seek a relief driver to cover the cost of the rented vehicle. SMRT Taxis will also undertake the regular servicing and maintenance of the taxi, relieving taxi drivers the time and cost of maintaining the vehicle.
Mr Tony Heng, Managing Director for SMRT Taxis and Private Hire Services said, “In Singapore’s evolving transport landscape, there is a growing demand among taxi partners for greater flexibility in planning their work schedule. SMRT Taxi Share enhances utilisation of assets and improves our operational efficiency.”
“The scheme allows us to tap on a large number of inactive TDVL holders and have taxis ply the road according to commuter demand. This supports the government’s efforts to reduce dependency on car ownership as well as Singapore’s ageing workforce as it allows our older taxi partners to continue working on a part-time basis to earn an income,” he added.
Mr Ang Hin Kee, Executive Advisor to the National Taxi Association, said, “In recent months, taxi operators have started offering different rental schemes such as employment model, profit sharing, pay-as-you-drive, one-man operations and fixed rate contract model to entice taxi drivers. This means there are more options available for drivers when they consider which model of risk sharing they are comfortable with.”
And added, “The launch of SMRT Taxi Share is a move in the right direction, and we encourage taxi operators to continue with different rental schemes to meet the different needs of drivers.”
In conjunction with the launch of SMRT Taxi Share, SMRT Taxis noted that it will offer drivers a promotional rental rate from as low as $3.80 an hour for a limited time. More information on SMRT Taxi Share and rental rates are available at

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